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Portugal 4hp

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UGC s22

Really want to play something that isn't pyro. Any of the classes listed. Preferably a team who isn't trying too hard, people I know would be a bonus.

I'd prefer silver but can't join if your team already has 3 gold+ players because of sandbagging rules. It's stupid… as if I'd be sandbagging in silver, even as pyro.

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Joined The Friends [Highlander] Anus Stretcher
Left c u nice try [Highlander] 4hp
Joined c u nice try [Highlander] yak
Left Resistance [Highlander] 4hp
Joined Resistance [Highlander] pyla
Left Version 3 [Highlander] 4hp
Joined Version 3 [Highlander] 4hp
Left CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] 4hp
Left Silencio [6on6] 4hp
Joined Silencio [6on6] Banana Joe
Joined CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] Yxxo
Left Comunidade Portuguesa + 1 Argentino [Fun Team] 4hp
Left Gold Rathians [Highlander] 4hp
Joined Gold Rathians [Highlander] 4hp
Left Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! [Highlander] SandBurn
Joined TOKYO ANAL DYNAMITE [6on6] 4hp
Left Player Haters of the Year [6on6] Team mate
Joined Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! [Highlander] Marv
Joined Player Haters of the Year [6on6] HBFS
Joined Comunidade Portuguesa + 1 Argentino [Fun Team] san alex
Left Call it something fun - smultron 2014 [Fun Team] 4hp
Joined Portugal [National Highlander Team] Fuxx
Left Circlebroke HL [Highlander] 4hp
Joined Circlebroke HL [Highlander] 4hp
Left A Tibid Selfcentered [Highlander] 4hp
Joined A Tibid Selfcentered [Highlander] UltimatePopcorn.
Left Strong Opinions [Highlander] MARS^
Joined Strong Opinions [Highlander] RTC
Left Team Colonslash: Frosties [Highlander] 4hp
Joined Team Colonslash: Frosties [Highlander] Lux
Left Cockroaches SKY HIGH [Highlander] 4hp
Joined Cockroaches SKY HIGH [Highlander] 4hp
Left Made in china by [ZfG] [6on6] 4hp
Left Mad? [Highlander] Akwilon
Joined Mad? [Highlander] Akwilon
Left Street Bench'd [Highlander] 4hp
Joined Call it something fun - smultron 2014 [Fun Team] HBFS
Joined Made in china by [ZfG] [6on6] Sneaky!
Left Portugal [National Highlander Team] 4hp
Joined Portugal [National Highlander Team] san alex
Joined Street Bench'd [Highlander] 4hp
Left Comunidade Chinesa de TF2 [Highlander] 4hp
Left The Insomniacs [6on6] 4hp
Joined Comunidade Chinesa de TF2 [Highlander] Dois
Left I Don't Play Today - Highlander [Highlander] 4hp
Joined I Don't Play Today - Highlander [Highlander] Drunk : )
Joined The Insomniacs [6on6] mistes
Left Digital Alliance [Highlander] DevilHunter!
Joined Digital Alliance [Highlander] 4hp
Left Theoretical Gamers [Highlander] 4hp
Joined Theoretical Gamers [Highlander] Attack Fungus!!

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  1. dydx said:


  2. yak: DEOX - JUNIORBWAI said:

    Really cool guy :D Good luck ^^

  3. 4hp: Friends said:

    bumping this. have a pootis trial coming up but tbh soldier or demo would be pretty sweet

  4. HBFS: MossyB - FBRD said:

    Is going to carry any mid team. Pick him up. Trust me.