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Scotland ducky

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hi im ducky, i wanna roam low mid/top open/playoffs!!

i can play scout too and possibly pocket

– can scrim anytime
– comms
– just tell me what to do

add me

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  1. Racso: BNB - v|u said:

    We’ve been in an abusive relationship since season 24

  2. slambergcaiz: TDsnt said:


  3. fstiv_: SICK said:

    Can drop the enemy Medic harder than every Dubstep WUBWUB +2

  4. collincrack1: yort - EDO said:

    Good dm calls and movement, needs a good team or something my name jeff

  5. Kenny said:

    Could easily play in a top open team, just needs to improve his gamesense a bit but apart from that, if you need a roamer, pick him up. Funny lad, too, and knowledgable on The Inbetweeners and has memorized every line of dialogue from Season 1 to 3.

  6. oJ: RINGO - PAKI said:


  7. Ritalin: ᴹᵉᵉᴹ - BEEF said:

    smart player
    good DM
    sound as fuck

  8. tatty: Biscboisss - NYS said:

    Solid dm, good jumps, comms are solid. Pick this dude up you’ll need the med drops.

  9. Lollipop: zZZ said:

    very cute boyo

  10. Thomas!: (^w^) - EDO said:

    Not even the Wall of China can protect your med from this guy!
    Pick him up !

  11. swae lee: AE - EDO said:

    master of the ground n pound

  12. Shamu: milhouse - PAKI said:

    pick him up

  13. basher: RINGO - EDO said:

    He plays flute

  14. Studio Jhibli: Totem said:

    Likes coheed, also kinda good

  15. jumbo juice: yort - EDO said:

    good player

  16. BaaBo: noname - kevin said:

    Good gamer

  17. Raz: EDO said:

    strong roamer
    he will pound
    give him a worthy home

  18. CoYoTe said:

    gaming god, nice guy and a lyrical messiah.

  19. Kameltin: -Xe- said:

    quality player, give him a go

  20. Yohn said:

    nice guy good gamer mid++ :)

  21. ult1mate: - EDO said:

    super nice guy and very good at tf2

  22. downpour: Totem said:

    good gamer boy, can shoot the rockets BERY nice, has nice voice 2

  23. collincrack1: yort - EDO said:

    mentally challenged tbh

  24. ducky: BLACK - EDO said:

    and physically challenged i shit myself all the time

  25. collincrack1: yort - EDO said:

    tbh tbh ^

  26. ducky: BLACK - EDO said:


  27. collincrack1: yort - EDO said:

    Still mentally challenged

  28. Xyz said:

    Can stay up till 4am and spam memes. Also a Roblox god.

  29. Alive said:

    that asshole stole my waifu

    *just kidding she left me for him cuz hes better :(

  30. ducky: BLACK - EDO said:

    u know it bees