DemomanHeavyScoutSniperSoldier  Mid/Open Skill, Highlander

UnitedKingdom Chando

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not sure what to do for s12…

heavy – top high/prem sub (unless any prem teams want to give me a chance on main)… can do aggro or passive playstyles but cant maincall…

demo > sniper > scout > soldier – top open – can maincall as demo

hmu xoxo

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  1. drezzo: nunya - inv said:

    good playeR and nice lad

  2. nubbi: ᵐˢ - cae said:

    friendly and good, give him a home ;)

  3. Georgebaii: cat - CRAZYBWAII said:

    Me and him are long lost Cornish bred twins so obviously a god heavy.

  4. MoistPenguin: (League Admin) - EE - TC said:

    cheeky nandos is an ok pootis but not quite up to the level of premiership heavy edgeward

  5. xell: Lucrosa said:

    he deserves to play in prem ,someone should give him this chance atleast.

  6. Sc0pe: ALOHA :=) said:

    Top lad and worth a trial for prem :D

  7. caiz: FRESH said:

    I had a really good mumble conversation with him

  8. Vouri: PAKI said:

    litearllly the best heavyy main in the WORLD !!!! :D

  9. Leila: mrl - XD said:

    nice guy and pretty handsome. Good heavy and keen might be one of best havies in the future

  10. Zolith: ALOHA :=) said:

    Nice guy, worth a trial on any of the stated classes in the relevant divs.

  11. GONA: ladyboy - Lucrosa said:

    neat but good and nice

  12. Cronk: (ETF2L Donator) - cat - Lucrosa said:

    Nice guy great heavy.

  13. 31: ᵐˢ - CRAZYBWAII said:

    suck my dick. ❤chandos

  14. Chando: ALOHA :=) - XD said:


  15. Caeli: ladyboy - Lucrosa said:

    secret weeb, drug addict and a well-known furry

  16. Chando: ALOHA :=) - XD said:


  17. Zamparonie: open_sqd said:

    VIBRVNCY is shit teamname

  18. Chando: ALOHA :=) - XD said:


  19. Polarium: Is "prem" said:

    is a bae xoxo

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