Sniper  Mid Skill, Highlander

Macedonia swae lee

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finna smash the div fam

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Austin's Boating Company [6on6] swae lee
Joined olympic [Highlander] chil
Left Default Hunters [Highlander] chil
Joined Austin's Boating Company [6on6] 4u5t1n
Left Totem [6on6] swae lee
Joined Default Hunters [Highlander] chil
Left Messed up minds [Highlander] swae lee
Joined Totem [6on6] Studio Jhibli
Left SEGA  Mixtape  / 2001\ [6on6] ninlop
Joined Messed up minds [Highlander] Ascari
Joined SEGA  Mixtape  / 2001\ [6on6] ninlop
Left The Awkward A-Team [Highlander] swae lee
Left Hair in the sugar [6on6] Emma
Joined Hair in the sugar [6on6] Emma
Left The LEGO Bandits [6on6] swae lee
Joined The LEGO Bandits [6on6] The Dapper Ferret
Left Complexity [6on6] swae lee
Joined The Awkward A-Team [Highlander] Hondje
Joined Complexity [6on6] D3DICATION
Left The Untouchables [Highlander] swae lee
Left Virtual Unreality [6on6] unitunitunit
Joined The Untouchables [Highlander] 0uTca5t
Joined Virtual Unreality [6on6] unitunitunit
Left Drowning Kangaroos [6on6] swae lee
Left team omega [Highlander] swae lee
Joined Drowning Kangaroos [6on6] D3DICATION
Left Dog Dealers [6on6] ManiacoBoss
Joined team omega [Highlander] SQ
Left Punishing Mercenaries [Highlander] swae lee
Joined Punishing Mercenaries [Highlander] Shooterdash
Left Men Without Hats [Highlander] swae lee
Joined Dog Dealers [6on6] ManiacoBoss
Left KaoS eSports [6on6] Georgebaii
Joined Men Without Hats [Highlander] Knifey
Joined KaoS eSports [6on6] Shay
Left Dark Angels [6on6] swae lee
Joined Dark Angels [6on6] Chill
Left [6on6] swae lee
Left Exponential_Growth [Highlander] swae lee
Joined Exponential_Growth [Highlander] lugia19
Joined [6on6] Stereooo

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