Season 27


Week 7

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1 - 6

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3 - 2 (golden cap)

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UnitedKingdom Crackers vs Poland
2 - 4

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Crackers (6) HOI, _gar, tiram, Illuminate, Baz, iceypan (5) maly, Nadusia, thaZu, 1235, crazy
Unrostered (1) tomi


  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Tuesday, 04 July 2017, 20:30
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. Broly: >o_ - SEKS (me) said:

    very very ez for crackers

  3. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    thazu has this

  4. oJ: :() said:

    gl boys

  5. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    Amazing sportsmanship by Crackers. First of all HOI doesn’t even want to accept my invite as I am the guy who schedule and arrange stuff in this team, so I have to talk with him via one of my teammates (who also started to ignore, lol). Another thing is that hey simply deny every single merc we sent to them. This game is almost dead, not much ppl from Poland plays it and we don’t have many ppl to look through to get a merc, and they just deny every single one.

    16:30 – crazy:
    17:19 – HOI: Gimme a bit I’m @ work
    17:19 – crazy: k
    17:20 – HOI: We’d rather u didn’t have a Merc with 8 years of comp experience. Pls find some1 else
    17:23 – crazy: but he isn’t playing tf2 anymore
    17:25 – crazy:
    17:25 – crazy: 5.4 hours
    17:32 – HOI: 45 last 2 weeks
    No thx
    17:32 – crazy: in other games
    17:32 – crazy: like payday
    17:32 – crazy: @[email protected]
    17:33 – HOI: Oh
    Its still 8 yr comp experience and we all have <=1 I think
    17:34 – crazy: i can't get anyone with 1 year exp
    17:34 – HOI: Apparently he played 3 matches yesterday and 4 5 days ago
    17:34 – HOI: Pls find a different merc

    The guy who has not played this game for ages, as I did. Last time he played was a year ago, also in open div. Maybe he's playing this game since quite long time, but still, if someone is inactive, automatically his aim skills goes down. Does it really matter if he has a good gamesense if he cant connect single pipe?

    17:36 – crazy:
    17:48 – crazy: do you accept him?
    17:54 – HOI: no
    17:54 – crazy: he is spy main
    17:55 – HOI: He plays for the beton 2 sandbagger team

    This time I decided to take someone with LESS experience so my shot was at Tomi. This season is his FIRST COMPLETE season in 6s for Beton2, for many called sandbaggers. But if you look at Tomi's game history, you will see that the only season he played 6s was ONLY 3 GAMES 4 YEARS AGO, IN SEASON 14. Also if you would like to look at this, he played then AS SOLDIER. The guy who's literally a spy main and plays only HL gets also rejected.

    By that we will be forced to play tonight with 5 players or even give def win. Tbh that lack of sportsmanship by them made me feel that I don't want to play this match, complete no fun and only bitching to get into playoffs. I know and I understand that the rules allows them to deny mercs, but come on. Thats not my first story with such guys who deny's every single merc we propose ( <- never forgetti) and thats quite sad.

    Since HOI ignores us we will most likely contact with them via admins and they will probably give us also the server for tonight.


  6. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    tl;dr – After long conversation Crackers allowed Tomi27 to play.

  7. tiram: :() - BREXIT said:

    wow! nice blog post thazu!

  8. Wonszu: PCMR - ; said:

    Crackers for the most retarded guys ever XDDDD

  9. Wonszu: PCMR - ; said:

    Everyone is laughin about polish tf2 scene but when it comes to official everyone is so fucking scared. Also calling us “sandbaggers” when everyone has only open experience and only me with some of it who is not even carrying LUL

  10. _gar said:
    wonszu you’re retarded

  11. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    Okay, you pointing at “Happycat: zjebanie reborn” team from last season ( – for lazy ones). Have you ever checked their history and their matches? They had 2 draws and 5 loses (including def loss). Every single game they played they got fucked 0-5, besides the one they got draw. You could also join mid/high and get the same results as they did. This should already point you two things:
    a) Team made 4fun
    b) Not enough experience to play high

    You can go through the mids/high teams too and you will also find similar teams at the one I just talked about. For eg. this: <- No one of them havent even played open/low and they still made into mid. They and Beton's previous team just shows that even if you dont have enough experience nowadays, you can easily join higher div just by requesting getting put there.

    Nuff said, your argument is invalid. Besides Wonszu rest of Beton's team is low/mid experience. They wouldn't make it in high.

  12. _gar said:

  13. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    And if you call ‘sandbaggers’ someone who plays good enough to be tier higher, then first 4 places for now (Francesco Totti’s fan club, Pooper Scooper Sooper Troopers, Lucky Lukes and Beton2) are sandbaggers, cus they easily could beat mid teams and get into top mid as well.

  14. tiram: :() - BREXIT said:

    pls stop arguing its making me sad :(

  15. corben said:

    jebać crackers

  16. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    You are seriously mad and right now just showing everyone how retarted you are. We are having a conversation here and since you have no arguments against, you start to shittalk and post offensive memes. Bravo.

    PS – Swede posting UK-PL memes. Smh.

  17. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    @Bl4me, As I said just post above, we were just having conversation and _gar decided to show everyone how immature he is. :)

  18. Wonszu: PCMR - ; said:

    @_gar XDDDDDD you really think one-two matches in high makes someone high? XDDDDDD like holy shit im learning new things everyday

  19. _gar said:

    its just a meme

  20. _gar said:

    i think 2 matches in high means that you’re not low

  21. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said: <- So those guys are mid then? Try to scrim them, if they will even accept and agree to scrim. Enjoy raping fresh team who got into mid 5-0 in 5-10 mins. HF :)

  22. _gar said:

    i never said that they were mid lmao. All i think is that beton2 should not be allowed to play in low with their current roster

  23. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    + Meme. Okay, you offense us by meme. If that would be dropped randomly after having a fun and good game then its fine, but right now you are just getting upset cus my arguments are truth and you have nothing to counter argue my arguments so you have to attack us with memes. Very mature my friend.

  24. mc eXplosion: mario - IBU said:

    zlapie was na ulicy i takiego kurwa lokcia na jape dostaniecie ze juz nie wstaniecie pozdro

  25. _gar said:

    What are you talking about. im not getting mad and it was a good game and no offence but your argument is that a was allowed in mid sucks so that means that beton2 sucks and i dont understand that

  26. maly: penguins said:

    tbh if you had accepted drozdzers in the first place, you’d have won

  27. _gar said:

    a team*

  28. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    If Beton shouldn’t, then we shouldn’t be allowed as well. Both Wonszu and me have high/prem experience. I’ve been inactive since 2k15, played few games in s24/25 mainly just mercing. Now decided to come back and mentor these guys who I’m playing with. If you go through Wonszu’s game history, he’s just playing 4fun in open tier teams since s23. The only difference between mine and Wonszu’s Beton2 is that my players have no previous experience besides Segfault. In Beton2 you have guys who played long time ago and right now just want to have fun from the game so thats why we both were placed in Beton and how different are our results. Anything else?

  29. _gar said:

    We just didnt think it was right to have a player with 8 years of experience

  30. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    we both were placed in low*

  31. crazy said:

    cu in playoffs crackers

  32. _gar said:

    Tbh all your players probably have more experience than the players on crackers

  33. maly: penguins said:

    _gar: We just didnt think it was right to have a player with 8 years of experience

    We scrimmed with drozdzers against you and you rolled us 6-1.
    You should be smarter.

  34. _gar said:

    but your carry wasnt playing in that match.

  35. _gar said:

    ”You should be smarter.”

  36. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    And it wasn’t right to allow guy who play his first season ever cus he ‘top damaged against us in scrim’? It’s just hilarious how stubborn you are meanwhile you are just wrong and try to offend us. Calm down, read the pastebin I uploaded above and just look what arguments HOI used against mercs.

    Too lazy? Okay, let me repeat them one again.
    Drozdzers – denied. Have too big experience – I would agree with that even if he was long time inactive like me. Looking at his game time in last 2 weeks you can see he played only 5hrs in last 2 weeks. HOI pointed out that “he played 3 matches yesterday and 4 5 days ago”. Well, if you checked his logs, you could also see that he merced for us in scrims yesterday and last week. Thats the only time he played tf2. But whatever, lets move to another merc.

    Tomi27 – denied, then accepted.
    – First argument against allowing him: 17:55 – HOI: He plays for the beton 2 sandbagger team
    – Second argument against allowing him: 19:02 – HOI: He topdamaged with 400 dpm in the game we played agaisnt him
    19:02 – HOI: and hes the second merc so u cant have ran out of options

    So lets combine arguments against mercs together
    >Denies Drozdzers for having too big experience but if you could check logs, he did decent in games
    >Denies Tomi27 for “beeing in sandbagging team” and “top damaging” against them.

    One merc denied for beeing too experienced, second denied, even if he played his first season, he ‘topdmg’ against them.

    Besides you gonna again point that we could take any other mercs, once again I’ll repeat what I’ve wrote to HOI in pastebin above. This game is dead and there were no more demo mains who could merc for us besides these two.

  37. _gar said:

    There are plenty of demo mains who can speak english. Should try one of those next time :)

  38. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    Right now _gar you are just making a bad name for your team so if you want you or your team to be respected you better just stop this discussion right here. All proofs and arguments I posted above are against you. Going deeper and deeper into this with your stubbornes you making this worse. I think that your meme already made whoever read this think how immature you are. No offence, just pointing out facts.

  39. _gar said:

    im not the one posting blog texts because of a meme but we can end this know and ill be happy

  40. _gar said:


  41. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    “_gar: Cracker – 100% said:
    Today, 23:24

    There are plenty of demo mains who can speak english. Should try one of those next time :)”

    Do you see anyone who lives in other country than Poland in our team? No? Me neither. And thats how we want to keep this team. With friends and polish players, so we wont be able to play with someone who cant speak english.

  42. _gar said:

    you just said that we should end this? Stop bitching

  43. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    “blog texts” So my longer answers who are including more and proper arguments against you and your stupidness are blog posts now. Okay, good to know ^^

  44. _gar said:

    And you keep bitching… Just calm down man

  45. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    And just to end this. Once again coming back to mercs thread. “There are plenty of demo mains who can speak english. Should try one of those next time :)” Why don’t you say something about your deny reasons. They should be right, arent they? Oh, maybe you finally understood how stupid those reasons where. If you did, then I’m glad. :)

  46. _gar said:

    they are valid reasons. i can admit that the tomi27 argument was a bit silly but again you keep posting Shit So im beginning to think that you’re mad

  47. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    I’m calm. I just like to see what arguments you gonna keep using meanwhile you are not right and on loss position. I’m kinda sadist, I know ^^

  48. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    wow what the fuck happened here

  49. _gar said:

    im trying to end this but you keep posting stuff you’ve said 5 times already

  50. mc eXplosion: mario - IBU said:


  51. Flynn: penguins said:


  52. crazy said:


  53. Broly: >o_ - SEKS (me) said:

    wow HOI denying unfair mercs you’re such a scumbag wow i’m so sad now :(((((((((((((

  54. Kosuke: ..d1ck - pizza said:

    All thaZu fault tbh should not be in low team what are admins smoking??!?!??? pls kick from team???

  55. HOI: LMM - BREXIT said:

    ‘First of all HOI doesn’t even want to accept my invite’
    I was on my home way from work, maybe you should be asking about this stuff before the afternoon on the day of the official? :o
    As for mercs I denied one for having played ~12 seasons of 6s over the period of 8 years and another who plays for BETON 2 and has UGC plat experience, and who was by no means bad when we lost against his team.
    It’s a shame you failed to understand what I was saying, and what kinda team calls the other team leader pathetic for the second merc denial?
    ‘By denying him you force us to play in 5 or even give u def win.’
    With a roster of 10 and having only asked about 2 mercs you were hardly out of options.

    gg tho c:

  56. tiram: :() - BREXIT said:

    288’s on the warpath boys u better watch out. lock yo doors hide you wife cause this mans going HAM

  57. Quader said:

    Can we play some minecraft rather than talk about what is done? Plz?

  58. Quader said:

    My team didn’t want me on demo beacuse I’m too good for low. XD Really guys stop this shitfest.

    If you still want to fight. I will give you wooden swords on my private minecraft server. So you can find out who is right.

    Just stop pls….

  59. maly: penguins said:

    HOI: With a roster of 10 and having only asked about 2 mercs you were hardly out of options.

    Do you really think we wanted to take a merc not running out of our own players? The reason we had to play with Tomi27 in the first place was because five of these players in our roster couldn’t play that day (we had asked you to reschedule it but you didn’t agree). Tomi27 was literally the only option we had after you denied drozdzers as other polish players who can actually play demo are either high or prem.

    I’m really sorry the whole thing must have ended in such a drama. Gg tho :)

  60. tiram: :() - BREXIT said:

    GG :]

  61. Klin: poly fort - EDO said:

    Jus tot slightly add on and end this:
    I don’t think tomi27 should have been denied. Playing UGC play means nothing in this current state of tf2, and the etf2l experience was reasonable enough. I don’t see why a game between two top low teams should not include top low mercs. Finally, tomi27 topdming against you should mean nothing as mercs are meant to be accepted based on pure experience not what you think of him.

  62. Klin: poly fort - EDO said:

    What I pretty much mean is that should have been no struggle regarding the mercs at all

  63. tiram: :() - BREXIT said:

    ok thanks for your input :) greatly appreciated

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