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Round 2

Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by oJ (Time Bandits)



1 - 2

[Screenshots: N\A ]



3 - 1

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4 - 1

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UnitedKingdom Time Bandits vs European Weebs Will Win
6 - 3

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Weebs Will Win (7) Wisc, Greg, silves, mespe, leth, Xephur, Googler
Time Bandits (6) HOI, _gar, Bl4me #FolderSlayer, ombra, Freud, oJ



  1. ETF2L Staff said:

    Hello teams, and welcome to the Playoffs. The winner of this match will be going to the quarter finals and the loser will be knocked out.

    In order to schedule the game you must come to an agreed date/time with your opponents that is before the result deadline, to set the agreed date and time in the system go [here].

    To pick the maps, we’re using equal seeded Map Elimination [Explanation]. Please post your maps on this page at least a day in advance of the match for good measure.
    Since The Fresh Meat Challenge has 5 maps, you will have one elimination round.


  2. 1. Both teams need to agree on who eliminates first. If the two teams cannot agree, they need to perform a heavy fist fight [Explanation]. The winner of this heavy fist fight can decide if he wants to start of if the other team should.
    2. Team A eliminates a map
    3. Team B eliminates a map
    4. Team B picks a map
    5. Team A picks a map
    6. The remaining map is the decider map.
  3. The result deadline is May 17th.

    If you have any questions make sure to contact the admins as soon as possible.

    Good luck and have fun to both teams.

  4. zeFrosty: GbK - zap said:

    cp_orange mains > tf2center mains

  5. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    week 2 = semifinals apparently

  6. Nas boii said:

    wow cant believe this shit is round 2 lmfao should be semis or even finals

  7. Broly: SCOOPER - SEKS (me) said:

    weebs will not win

  8. oJ: RINGO said:

    gg best match so far, unlucky we couldn’t meet you later in the season

  9. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    gg, sadly we didn’t have ur main scout and silves crashed on snake :/

    well,it’s gonna be fun to see shit teams get into finals because there are no strong teams in the upper side

    gl guys,can’t wait to see nas vs ombra

  10. _gar: MAN - ζ said:

    GG. yeah shame he crashed

  11. Bl4me #FolderSlayer: BAZINGA - AAAAAAAAAA said:

    GG :))))))))

  12. AwditaS: RINGO said:

    very easy for oj

  13. oJ: RINGO said:

    if anyone’s interested

    oJ: Ban gully
    Σ: ban badlands
    Σ: my pick right?
    Σ: process
    oJ: pick product
    oJ: snake decider

  14. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    also, forgot to give a huge shoutout to etf2l admins for kicking our multiclass sub after rosters were locked, nice script you got there

  15. Xephur: ERCAPITANO said:

    On behalf of the weeb council (team leader) I wish to ask for ombra’s and _gar’s povs.

  16. zeFrosty: GbK - zap said:

    xephur looking for some fap material ;)

  17. _gar: MAN - ζ said:

    more like sasami

  18. Xephur: ERCAPITANO said:


  19. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:


  20. Flight: .LSW - is toxic said:

    I would have played but I have too much silver experience =)

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