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Division 4B

Week 2

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This match is affected by one or more wildcards.

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Collaide (Waterworks)



0 - 2

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3 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]

European Breaking Badlands vs European Waterworks
3 - 3

Active Wildcards:

SteamID Screenshots: A


Waterworks (6) jx53, Scorpion, Strigon, torrit, Collaide, Fuddles
Breaking Badlands (5) Hencak, Captain Cucumber, j4id_, SteaL, S!MON
Unrostered (1) Lateralus



  1. Collaide: vg. said:

    Hi Cucumber

  2. Yuval: SS D5 said:

    Gl both teams!

  3. Collaide: vg. said:

    Yo when can you noobs play this match? ^^

  4. Collaide: vg. said:


  5. Collaide: vg. said:

    I think we would prefer to play this on thursday, friday or sunday, @20:00 CEST

  6. Collaide: vg. said:

    aka no mon-thurs or saturday.

  7. Collaide: vg. said:


  8. Collaide: vg. said:

    22:54 – Cucumber: lol
    22:54 – Cucumber: if we can stop gubbins we can stop scorpion
    22:54 – Collaide: Not if we stop you stopping scorpion
    22:55 – Collaide:
    22:55 – Collaide: proposed a date and commented
    22:55 – Collaide: Plz
    23:08 – Cucumber is now Away.

  9. Captain Cucumber said:

    rofl, our proposed date is Sunday, starting from earliest 7:00 pm CET or latest 9:30 pm, hopefully something in between, is that good?

  10. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 12 October 2014, 20:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  11. Scorpion said:

    gl stopping me, hf

  12. S!MON: (ETF2L Donator) - ORA ⚡️ said:

    Hey guys, would you be able to play on oct 5th in the evening (this sunday)?

  13. Captain Cucumber said:

    下午 05:11 – Cucumber: so our officiail this sunday please
    下午 05:12 – Collaide: This sunday?
    下午 05:12 – Cucumber: yes
    下午 05:12 – Collaide: 5th october?
    下午 05:12 – Cucumber: yes
    下午 05:12 – Collaide: Why not 12th
    下午 05:12 – Cucumber: beacuse our med can’t play at that time
    下午 05:12 – Cucumber: he is away for the whole week
    下午 05:13 – Collaide: Should have thought of that earlier
    下午 05:13 – Collaide: We aren’t fully prepared on gullywash and we need to scrim

    So you purposely propose a date at which our main med can’t play and your excuse is you are not “fully prepared”. Disappointed with the lack of sportsmanship.

  14. Gubbins: doggo - hi im dog said:

    Captain Cucumber mixed up in a terrible match arranging 2 games out of 2? Must be unlucky

  15. Collaide: vg. said:

    Holy shit Cucumber, way to go creating a drama. First of all, I didn’t propose sunday, I proposed friday. The default date was set by dawniii.

    Proof (imgur):
    You can check it out yourself.

    If you didn’t notice, the default date was set before you told me your medic was unavailable, so that argument is completely invalid.

    You basically blame me for yourself not being able to schedule a match properly, which you have had more than 2 weeks to do.

  16. Bathory said:

    Ah Cucumber.

  17. tavi: hi im dog said:


  18. Bathory said:

    Yes, he is the official anus raper of the team.

  19. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been used for this match by Breaking Badlands.

    You must reschedule this match before October 16, 2014 CEST and play it before October 26, 2014 CET.

  20. Captain Cucumber said:

    Lets start again:

    Next week: Thursday Saturday and Sunday

    Knowing you can’t do Saturdays Thursdays will be preferred but will need a final confirmation with teammates before we proceed to make it our match date


    7 CET or 9:30 CET for Thursday
    Any reasonable time on Sunday (will have to confirm with my team though)

  21. Collaide: vg. said:

    We can’t play sat.

  22. Captain Cucumber said:

    Lets wait around 4 more days so we aren’t scheduling something 2 weeks in advance

  23. Collaide: vg. said:

    Better than not scheduling at all? :)

  24. Collaide: vg. said:

    I proposed monday next week. No saturday, also no friday (proposed another official on friday)

  25. Captain Cucumber said:

    i am accepting ur proposal but somehow the button disappeared, am i being retarded or what

  26. Bathory said:

    Oh surprising can it be ? Cucumber being retarded, noway.jpg

  27. Scorpion said:


  28. Captain Cucumber said:

    Asking for permission for phoenix to merc

  29. Captain Cucumber said:

    下午 05:42 – SIMON’S BACK: can phoenix please merc today
    下午 05:42 – ww//Collaide: Class
    下午 05:42 – SIMON’S BACK: scout
    下午 05:43 – ww//Collaide: He called my team shit 2 seasons ago
    下午 05:43 – ww//Collaide: No
    下午 05:43 – SIMON’S BACK: what please
    下午 05:43 – ww//Collaide: Don’t u have like 10 scouts on your roster
    下午 05:43 – SIMON’S BACK: yes none of them can play
    下午 05:43 – SIMON’S BACK: you do realise that is why we wanted to move official as late as possible
    下午 05:44 – SIMON’S BACK: if you can allow phoenix we can play today
    下午 05:44 – SIMON’S BACK: and I am sure that will suit you well
    下午 05:44 – ww//Collaide: But he claims to be d3
    下午 05:44 – ww//Collaide: And d3 in d4 ?
    下午 05:44 – SIMON’S BACK: and that is why he is a sub for international oral sex
    下午 05:45 – SIMON’S BACK: which is in d4
    下午 05:46 – ww//Collaide: Do you have any other mercs/subs or stuff
    下午 05:46 – ww//Collaide: ?
    下午 05:46 – SIMON’S BACK: I am seriously out of ideas
    下午 05:46 – SIMON’S BACK: why do you think I was playing medic yesterday
    下午 05:46 – ww//Collaide: Azrax
    下午 05:46 – SIMON’S BACK: azrax is in hong kong
    下午 05:46 – SIMON’S BACK: 300 ping
    下午 05:47 – SIMON’S BACK: i seriously have no one else, i don’t see why you wouldn’t let him
    下午 05:47 – SIMON’S BACK: he is a d4 sub
    下午 05:47 – SIMON’S BACK: or collaide we could play on another day
    下午 05:47 – SIMON’S BACK: but you just implied it is going to be inconvenient
    下午 05:49 – SIMON’S BACK: 下午 05:48 – SIMON’S BACK: phoenix apparently you hate collaid’s team
    下午 05:48 – SIMON’S BACK: and that you claim to be d3
    下午 05:48 – SIMON’S BACK: is that true
    下午 05:48 – Phoenix ב: I apologize for saying collaides team is shit
    下午 05:49 – Phoenix ב: and I never claimed to be a div 3 scout
    下午 05:49 – SIMON’S BACK: come on man lets just play why make a huge fuss
    下午 05:52 – SIMON’S BACK: alright?
    下午 05:52 – SIMON’S BACK: alright?
    下午 05:52 – ww//Collaide: I’m sorry I was on spire
    下午 06:00 – SIMON’S BACK: so is it alright?
    下午 06:02 – ww//Collaide is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    下午 06:04 – ww//Collaide: Ok sorry no
    下午 06:04 – ww//Collaide: Not phoenix
    下午 06:04 – SIMON’S BACK: why are you being like this
    下午 06:04 – SIMON’S BACK: I don’t understand
    下午 06:04 – ww//Collaide: Not gonna allow a carry
    下午 06:04 – SIMON’S BACK: wow
    下午 06:04 – SIMON’S BACK: you think he’ll carry
    下午 06:04 – SIMON’S BACK: I am speechless
    下午 06:04 – ww//Collaide:
    下午 06:05 – SIMON’S BACK: you call that carrying

  30. Captain Cucumber said:

    Collaide times and times you have shown your fear of losing, purposely playing by the rules so that our main med can’t play, purposely denying us a d4 sub merc because you think you’ll lose. Whatever happens tonight, at least I want people to know who you are.

  31. S!MON: (ETF2L Donator) - ORA ⚡️ said:

    wow, div4 drama :D

  32. Sorsa: mooz said:


  33. Captain Cucumber said:

    merc allowance please:

  34. Phnx: WCS said:

    colliade was always an in-mature twat, I called your team shit 2 seasons ago, nothing have changed I see.
    you are a shit pocket and always were shit, gl winning the season with this attitude bro.

  35. Ignis: Compound said:

    nice cherrypicking of logs to decline a merc collaide
    never thought i would be on phoenix side but i am

  36. cupceic said:

    Big words from a team who failed to schedule a match correctly twice in a row

  37. Lateralus said:

    Good game, best of luck in the future.

  38. Collaide: vg. said:

    Three times actually

  39. Collaide: vg. said:


    Yeah you did, and I said immature things. I added you a second to apologize, and then you just ignored my messages and eventually removed me. And then you want me to accept your apology? What a hypocrite. That’s the forum troll, Phoenix, we all know so well.

    “cherrypicking logs”
    yeah I am cherrypicking, I took one from the first page when he was mercing FOR Breaking Badlands team, should I judge him from lobbies or what?

  40. Collaide: vg. said:

    > Denies 1 merc
    > Team leader can’t find any other
    > Accepts the 2nd
    > Gets shit

  41. jx53 said:

    Shieeeet what is happem

  42. jx53 said:

    Also it was me who said fuck phoenix he is in div3 (which he isnt now that look at it)
    Idk whos profile was linked

    My bad “:D”

  43. Menty: (League Admin) - SVIFT said:

    juicy drama

  44. Enjoy said:

    maybe d3 hl ? serious business

  45. Scorpion said:

    gg wp

  46. Mearlite: JEPIC said:

    I see why they called waterworks, all these tears being spilt

  47. Feyne: NASA said:

    n1 mearlite lol

  48. ETF2L Staff said:

    Dear Teams,

    Please upload the missing scoreboard screenshots for cp_process_final and cp_gullywash_final1 or face penalties in accordance with our general rules.

    You can do so here :

  49. fkp said:

    but phoenix…div5 at his best. why they not allowed lobby hero? :(

  50. Fuddles: MEAT said:

    lel , you are all so melodramatic xD

  51. Phnx: WCS said:


    Yeah you did, and I said immature things. I added you a second to apologize, and then you just ignored my messages and eventually removed me. And then you want me to accept your apology? What a hypocrite. That’s the forum troll, Phoenix, we all know so well.

    “cherrypicking logs”
    yeah I am cherrypicking, I took one from the first page when he was mercing FOR Breaking Badlands team, should I judge him from lobbies or what?”

    You added me and you were sarcastic and just annoying twat, that wasn’t an apology.
    sorry that I miss understood your retarded way of apologizing.
    next time if you add someone to apologize you him either get to the point or just don’t add him.
    don’t act like a twat.
    I shouldn’t even fucking apologized for calling your shitty team, shit.

    and fkp do you really want me to reply to your retarded post?

  52. Sorsa: mooz said:

    There are 2 active shitstorms in div4b atm. Good group.

  53. Collaide: vg. said:


    Sorry, what I ment to say was:
    “I added you a second TIME”

  54. fkp said:

    you already replied lol.

  55. Bathory said:

    Good shit around here.

  56. gouldie said:

    Yanik is new at his school and doesn’t want to be an outsider again. When he meets Alan he also wants to be as popular as him with the girls. But when Alan kissed Yanik to get rid of the girls, the admiration turns into disgust. But at a party where Yanik had to disguise himself as a girl Alan falls in love with the “girl” at first sight…

  57. torrit said:

    wow guys calm down, this is just some lowdiv stupid cartoon game

  58. jx53 said:

  59. Collaide: vg. said:

    Just found this… it’s hilarious. A quote by phoenix:

    “who knows what div he is capable of playing now…
    the fact that you can only use one merc and his skill level is unknown is still your fault, but denying a merc that is div 5-6 with no good reason is not fair, it is your problem for not asking for a normal merc, and your responsibility as a team leader to check dates at-least every week, I do it about 2-3 times a week and always propose before default dates.
    maybe next time instead of complaining about sportsmanship you will actually act as a team leader.”

    Well I completely agree. :)

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