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If anyone has further feedback/bug reports for the map, please post them here within a few days. I’m currently going through finalising bug fixes on the map, and plan to have rc5 out next weekend, so I need to know if anything needs changing by then.


Update to RC5!

Workshop Link

Download from TF2Maps

Screenshots Here

– Removed perch points
– Fixed sticky bombs being able to be placed under displacements hill from 1st to 2nd
– Fixed BLU players being able to use loadout binds standing next to doors of RED’s final spawn
– Changed rock clipping and raised fence next to rock on first to prevent snipers from getting on top of the rock
– Changed how the ducks operate (still random, just made it harder to cheat to find them)
– Added 9 new duck spawning positions (1 for each class of duck)
– Added/improved on other Easter Eggs

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