Where can I make a recruitment post and how do I get started in general?

Created 8th April 2017 @ 02:28

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Hello guys. So I’ve decided to find a team and to possibly play with someone in some real competition as a medic. So what should I do?


(League Admin)

Check my reply here:



Thank you :D


I am also having this question


(Head Admin)

The forums aren’t generally used for player or team recruitment as we have our own part of the site for it. – Teams looking for players – Players looking for teams

To add a recruitment post on our site, you need to go to Team Admin on top right on the site and go to the recruitment tab located on the left side in the Team Admin dashboard.

You can also go to there from this link:

From here it’s important to mention whether you are a single player looking for a team, or if you have a team that is looking for players.
Then you need to state for which team you are looking for players and add in the required information of what does your team require to the description.

In the classes played list, if you want to choose more than one class remember to hold CTRL to select multiple classes.

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