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  Name Classes Skill Type Date
Germany low deutsche sammelt euch hier Low 6on6 7
European Architects Of Doom Low Highlander 0
International wtf 123456 Open Fun Team 0
England cool guy club Mid 6on6 0
European SCS Grinders Open 6on6 0
European Societe Des Jacobins Open Highlander 1
Slovakia Makeshift Alliance 2 Low 6on6 0
Jamaica FIFA 12: RACE TO DIVISION 1 High 6on6 6
SouthAfrica Big Hunks Retirement Home Low 6on6 5
UnitedKingdom bug stompers Prem/High 6on6 4
Australia Coldfront Crashers Low/Open 6on6 0
European Primed for Error Open Highlander 0
European dackel55 Mid 6on6 0
Serbia Trick Tracks Team Open Highlander 0
Netherlands Alles Door Oefening Den Haag Mid/Low 6on6 13
European wifi 7.5g High 6on6 1
Luxembourg TANK Open 6on6 11
TrinidadTobago Oggy and The Cockroaches Mid/Low 6on6 7
European The Shrex Gods. High/Mid 6on6 0
Russia Kunteynir Low 6on6 0
Finland black swan Mid 6on6 3
Germany Common Decency Mid 6on6 0
Zimbabwe late to school Mid Highlander 6
International Perfectly Balanced Team Low 6on6 2
Japan Calm Your Oppai Prem Fun Team 2
UnitedKingdom Dustbowl Industries High Highlander 2
SouthAfrica Domino's High Highlander 0
Finland vilen High/Mid 6on6 3
Romania WE HATE ETF2L ADMINS!!! Mid Highlander 1
Russia Peaceful gardeners Open Highlander 0
European Oracle High/Mid 6on6 1
Azerbaijan The Hach Crew Mid/Low 6on6 3
Russia ya lolevont) Mid 6on6 2
Belgium 7up Low 6on6 1
TheIsleOfMan Big Monkey Industries High Highlander 9
Russia DEADINSIDEORISAMAIN High/Mid Highlander 6
Germany Strassenkatze Low/Open 6on6 1
England Experience High 6on6 5
European Lost Horizons Low/Open 6on6 0
England Vulcan Low/Open 6on6 0
England kays good cooking Mid 6on6 0
Lebanon 0 Friends Online High/Mid Highlander 0
European Only 4Word Open Highlander 4
Slovenia family guy funny moments Open Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom Ho-oh Prem/High 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom Panthera High 6on6 7
Russia hopebusters High Highlander 10
International Nameless Team High/Mid Highlander 0
UnitedStates Joe's Garage Mid Highlander 2
Kazakhstan Kazakh e-Sports powered by Prem/High Highlander 0
Germany WhyDoWeLose High 6on6 0
European Clown Law Graduates Open Highlander 2
European Vegan Hazard Low Highlander 4
Poland HungaryForBlood High/Mid Highlander 0
France K? Sport By Le Coq Massif High/Mid Highlander 8
European Team Colonslash: Vickers High Highlander 1
Poland baiters -iwnl High/Mid 6on6 3
European Power Rangers Prem/High 6on6 3
Ukraine 5 UAH Low Highlander 0
European PBS Low Highlander 2
European Gucci Flip-Flops Mid 6on6 0
Vietnam GANGBANG Mid 6on6 1
Albania crazy secret pootis High/Mid 6on6 0
Poland CTeaF 2fort Open Highlander 0