New maps mix group?

Created 22nd December 2014 @ 01:29

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Im asking if there would be enough interest to try new maps or already tested maps that need more feedback

Im thinking of div 5+ (SORRY) and maybe get the map creator into mumble etc.

Right now im only interested if there would be enough people that want to try new maps

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ist doof

i’d like to but i am bad



sounds nice, also I think there should be vintage maps as well.
either to see if they are playable or remind why they got removed:D (sorry turbine)

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I play since s12, but i’ve never put effort into getting better and finding a good team cause i just wanted to play with friends so I’m div 5. However I think I can say I have enough experience to give a feedback on a new map.



I’d be up for it



Count me in! :)

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We’ve announced working with pickup to handle this, why more fragmentation on this part?


what? it’s map testing, not unlocks, Kkaltuu


I don’t mind being part of this either. Have a few contacts in TF2Maps should you want to get a map maker into a mix.

From experience though, map development tends to be stable and reasonable if the same group of players test the map with a light rotation of players as, especially if you’re doing HL mixes, it’ll be difficult assembling the same group of players together.

This is what happened back when a guy called Vince was making cp_grack and was well received when it had it’s ONC – I think development was halted because he moved onto do cp_obscure_remake and lost interest in the game. If you do have time though and haven’t played cp_grack, I would kindly ask you to try it out as it’s a good map.

Add me on Steam, Raptor, anyway as there were a couple of maps I wanted to see were viable or not in both 6s and HL before putting them in a ONC.



Quoted from Popcorp

what? it’s map testing, not unlocks, Kkaltuu

TF2Pickup has a map rotation that can be changed, see warmtic for HL



Hey, just thought I’d let everyone here know that uses for testing out for our cups and stuff. It’s been pretty successful over the months that we’ve ran it but we’ve never really opened it up to the public. We’ve been playing maps like koth_sandstone and vanguard. If anyone would like to join feel free to send me an add.

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Is this for HL or just 6s? Because I’m currently working on a HL map which I’d very much like to test in a competitive setting.

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TF2Pickup has a map rotation that can be changed, see warmtic for HL

I don’t think TF2Pickup is for testing brand new maps.

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I really don’t see a reason not to test new maps once we will have good playerbase. Especially in HL pickups. It’s doable.

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