Season 28 Grand Final: SVIFT vs. Ascent.EU

Date December 6, 2017

Banner by   After an exciting playoff bracket we’ve ended up with two teams clawing their way to a finalist position, and . finished the regular season in a stable manner, only losing 3 maps and looking comfortable for the majority of it, but it took a turn for the worse in the first game […]

Highlander Season 14 Premiership Qualifiers

Date November 6, 2017

The Highlander Season 14 Premiership Qualifiers are hereby announced. The following four teams will play through a single elimination bracket for two spots, with facing off against , while battles it out against . Default mercs may only have high experience; players with more than three games in Premiership over the past three seasons cannot […]

Season 28: Playoffs & Tiebreaker Scores

Date November 5, 2017

Welcome everyone to the conclusion of the 28th season of ETF2L 6v6 for open, mid and, high. Premiership playoffs will be announced once the final games of the regular season have been played and will be updated to this post. We hope you enjoyed the matches, and for the teams that made it through, congratulations. […]

Season 28 Update, Rule Changes and ETF2L Recruiting!

Date September 16, 2017

Season 28: Update There have been talks of cp_reckoner expecting to receive an update further on in the season, so Reckoner is getting delayed in the season to weeks 6 and 7 as a result to see if the changes will positively affect the map. The Season 28 Map Pool will be adjusted to be […]

Season 28 Provisional Tiers

Date September 16, 2017

Season 28: Provisional Tiers In case you do not find your team in this list, you were likely removed because you had between 1 and 5 players, in this case you have to gather 6 players in your roster and sign up for Season 28 again or you changed your name during signup process, just […]