Season 32 – Wrap-up

Date May 15, 2019

Season 32 Wrap-up

Congratulations to European Se7en for claiming their victory in the season once again! They defend their title and claim 450 euros in the process!

The winning squad is comprised of:

After a thrilling Grand Final, UnitedKingdom Ascent.EU have been defeated and place 2nd claiming 250 euros while
European SVIFT are rewarded with the bronze medal.

Although we all enjoy watching the top players, ETF2L is not only about the Premiership Tier. The following teams placed top of their tables in the lower tiers:

Division 1

1. Germany Faint Gaming
2. England clarted
3. UnitedKingdom AWOOOOOO

Division 2

1. Sweden Swedish Open (squash)
2. Finland Lentavat Sirkkelit
3. Norway The Compound
3. Lithuania Lithuanian Rhapsody

Mid Tier

1. Ukraine ya nemnogo D R I P P Y
2. UnitedKingdom not red doggo
3. Germany The Jens Weber Society
3. Netherlands Cyka Bazooka

Low Tier

1. European amm0m0d cr3w
2. Cyprus OINK 5
3. Pakistan Brain damage
3. Turkey Weird Dreams

Open Tier

1. European Monkeys with Attitude
2. UnitedKingdom Oracle
3. European Farmers_
3. CzechRepublic [D]uvod hrani

Season 32 Awards

Due to lacking the opportunity to host an award show, we have little to no time anymore to schedule one at this point, but instead here we have a simple list of the award winning gamers:

  • Best Player of the Season: Denmark Thalash
  • Demoman of the Season: UnitedKingdom kaidus
  • Medic of the Season: UnitedKingdom Raymon
  • Pocket of the Season: Netherlands kaptain
  • Roamer of the Season: UnitedKingdom Starkie
  • Pocket Scout of the Season: Denmark Thalash
  • Flank Scout of the Season: Finland credu
  • Off-classer of the Season: Finland credu
  • Best Premier Division Debut of the Season: Sweden Klassy
  • Caster of the Season: Denmark Beater

Congratulations to all award winning teams and players!
Season 33 is just around the corner. Make sure you gather your players and be very soon on the lookout for that announcement!

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