Highlander Season 21 Powered by Mannco.store!: Provisional Tiers

Date March 20, 2020

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Down below are this season’s provisional tiers. If you can’t find your team it could be due to you recently changing your team name.

Unhappy about your place? Feel free to contact us over at our Discord Server. These tiers are still subjected to change if teams make a good case as to why they should be moved.


  1. Laiky: . - |FV| said:

    frog village ftw

  2. ollitf: o5. - Tissi said:

    mid is ours

  3. AxioMr: COGU said:

    cursed provisional brackets

  4. Polarium: BULTEN! - |FV| said:

    stalker will carry us to mid win

  5. sintyre: myman said:

    You weren’t able to make div3???
    This is blowing my mind, I can name a good bunch of teams that should not be mid on any planet.
    Actual mid teams are getting screwed so hard, looks like a good way to kill players will to play competitive.

  6. DuMmTm: TFTV - tv/dummtm said:

    Div3 pls

  7. MatZer: AF2 said:


  8. Pixe⭐: API - FJB said:

    ah yes

  9. DuMmTm: TFTV - tv/dummtm said:

    really tho my team lost to aleskees HLOpen3 team and we are in the same div as the div2 team that won against the winner of the div last season lol

    there needs to be some way to salvage this mess, extending season length for bigger divs, div3 (+ one big mid/open even) atm the absolute state of HL is tragic and the actual good HL mains wont even feel any of it for a while cause they can sit pretty in somewhat balanced top divs

  10. None_: SHAG - tv/dummtm said:

    Either make div3 for top mid teams, or make low for top open and bottom mid teams. Either is fine, but current mid division is really not.

  11. Celreo: officer - WLS said:

    get gud

  12. nurse: myman said:

    pls make div3 or back to div2a and div2b
    otherwise curent season will be cancer for everyone in mid

  13. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - LvG - KAAS said:

    But DuMmTm you have LilCute on scout while he played div 2 6s playoffs, and you want the open/low hl teams to play against him?

  14. Kumis: kzS said:

    another Polish stack in open
    . _>

  15. DuMmTm: TFTV - tv/dummtm said:

    sure put us into mid, timtum, i’ll gladly ger last if it means the rest of this gets fixed. also storm was in open hl 3 season ago while 6s div2 so wouldnt be without precedent to allow that, not like cute willonly show up for 2 games knowing him lol

  16. Celreo: officer - WLS said:

    why not scrim lots to beat the predicted top teams :D

  17. Norbi said:

    For me some of teams form mid should be transfer to d2 or do for them div3. Look at logs from scrims and exp players and think if they should be in mid or not

  18. I stole your bees.: (honey daddy) - officer - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    prem and div1 looking pretty fat, glhf gamers

  19. Hajdzik: SUAVY - H4B said:

    Few years back people wanted to play higher divs and needed to provide that they can compete on that level, now it’s people complaining about too good teams in lower divs. And somehow ammount of teams signing up from season to season drops so much. Just play the game and work hard if you want be good, if don’t just play more casually. But from my perspective even when trying to join teams it’s seems like people give up really fast and don’t even try. They just want to win effortless.

  20. clean carp: WLS said:

    I agree with the others, that mid provisional tier is a bad joke.

    Some of the teams that are there are straight up div2, while others are top open. Add low or a div 3 already, this is atrocious.

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