Saturday Evening Bans and Staff Changes

Date February 22, 2020


Please note that some of these bans were enacted before the release of this newspost!


The following players have been caught cheating by the Anti-Cheat team. They have been banned from ETF2L for one year:

The following player abused the Quantum Crouch exploit in an official and was banned until the end of Highlander Season 20:


The following player showed extreme disrespect at the passing of a League Admin and will be banned for five years:

The following player showed inappropriate behaviour around a minor and has been banned for six months:

The following players were involved in a case of non-permitted acquisition of profits and have been banned until the end of 6v6 Season 35:

The following players were banned from ETF2L for severe flaming and racism:

The following player was banned from ETF2L for heavy screenshot abuse:

Demo Bans

The following players failed to provide a requested demo several times. They have been banned from ETF2L for their respective durations:

  • Belgium senko – not uploading demos twice – Two weeks
  • Bulgaria Odin. – not uploading demos twice – Two weeks
  • Russia Fridge :] – not uploading demos twice – Two weeks
  • Luxembourg CazaroC – not uploading demos three times – Two months
  • France Big Papa MattJ – not uploading demos three times – Two months

VAC Bans

The following players have been caught with VAC bans possibly affecting TF2, and will be banned from ETF2L for one year:

+ 65 inactive ETF2L accounts.

As these players have not been caught cheating by our staff, their match results are not affected.

If you were banned due to a VAC ban on your Steam account that doesn’t affect TF2, please contact an admin to get the ETF2L ban removed.

Staff Changes

We are happy to announce that Poland supra and  England proky have successfully completed their trial periods and are now (/again) part of the League Admin Staff.
We additionally welcome Germany juni in our Anti-Cheat team, who has also successfully completed his trial period.

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  1. Amaterasu: (Senior Anti-Cheat Admin) - OPFOR - Nein said:

  2. Ace: 6 - VR said:

  3. Offside: VRL said:

    Brothers in arms…
    Mge Lords for life…

  4. qbown: Sora⚡️ - v4 said:

    Senior Anti-Cheat Admin
    So you’re officially a boomer now, Ama?

  5. danny: GM - king said:

    Does this post include bans that are already expired?

  6. supra: █▀█ █▄█▀█▀ said:

    Does this post include bans that are already expired?

    Senior Anti-Cheat Admin
    So you’re officially a boomer now, Ama?


  7. Amaterasu: (Senior Anti-Cheat Admin) - OPFOR - Nein said:

    wtf D:

  8. Clark: SDCK said:

    Caza getting banned again is just porky’s master plan to get the main spot on sdck.

  9. Laiky: . - |FV| said:


  10. Munky: nr.6 - myman said:

    I think a 5 year ban for writing ‘Fortnite Dance Music’ on a discord server with 30 people on it is a tad extreme. Especially when sending a dick pic to a 15 year old gets you a 6 month ban.

    Just my 2 Cents.

  11. bum: YAK - 007 said:

    quantum crouch is still in the game?

  12. lyte: op_sqd said:


  13. Josh: . - King said:

    Cornn flaek

  14. Detoed.: V.B - $$$ said:

    5 years ban for disrespect? you are fucking stupid

  15. Fishage: 124 - -Xe- said:

    I understand that the comment about Jan was in very bad taste which probably hit very close to home with many admins.

    That having been said, banning somebody for 5 years for making an inappropriate and disrespectful comment about an admin’s passing is disproportionate. Rules need to be enforced evenly and proportionally regardless of the admin team’s personal feelings in or connection to the matter.

  16. Deity: 124 - -Xe- said:

    Literally Hitler

  17. Pepy said:

    >5 year ban for someone who hurt an admin’s feelings
    >6 month ban for someone who basically broke law
    etf2l admins being retarded yet again

  18. quintosh: T9! - Nein said:

    how can admins make such a mistake… banning a blatant cheater within two hours. should’ve given him a couple more weeks

  19. catman said:

    yes quintosh couple of weeks to get more demos from him and not ban him for esp based on 1 demo. Time passes, ac staff still bad as quintosh was

  20. Sketis: v4 said:

    dont u think 5 years is a bit too much while cheaters gets 1 year bans omegalul. idk what admin should have said to get that 5 year ban, its basically forever, cuz tf2 will die completely by then : ).

  21. anti2: dneprodno said:

    1 year for cheats
    5 years for disrespect

  22. Fr3unen said:

    Even though disrespecting a deceased ETF2L admin is in very bad taste I would say 5 years is a little too strict…

  23. MoreBuckets!: wSo said:

    I mean yeah its extremely disrespectful to mock a person who recentely died but dont you think 5 years a bit too much? i mean i do respect yall work and the intention to make the league better everyday but if i was an admin i’d give him maximum 2 years but 5? thats a little too extreme.

  24. Amaterasu: (Senior Anti-Cheat Admin) - OPFOR - Nein said:

    Always surprises me how much people claim to know about internal admin investigations and then go on to spout false information online that of course only fits their own personal point of view.

  25. MoreBuckets!: wSo said:

    Idk, the comment section is open expect people to tell their opinions isnt there an option to close it if u dont want to hear them? unless u do support everyone n to express them.

  26. MoreBuckets!: wSo said:

    And what we say the punishments decisions are wrong in some peoples point of view but some people inlcuding me dont reject te fact that nyar must be punished just notnthat extreme.

  27. Amaterasu: (Senior Anti-Cheat Admin) - OPFOR - Nein said:

    Not really speaking of the Little Nyar case, my comment was more targeted at the likes of Munky’s and catman’s comments.

  28. MoreBuckets!: wSo said:

    Okay, i got you.

  29. SchmitShot: Paf! - myman said:

    5years, so it’s seems like forever ?
    22 february 2025, probably another admin will die in that time and nyar will be glad of his vengeance and will be ban 5 more years

    do something !

  30. catman said:

    @ameterasu supernova uploaded demo at 8 am sunday and got banned at 10 am sunday that day. How many admins where online during 8 am on sunday ? 1 or 2 or where is your personal life? once quintosh told me that a ban dicision is made by all ac staff team, or something has changed during that time? what skill level admins where online that time? ac admins skill spread is from open to prem. Can u prove to auedience that he was cheating? no. So when i made that conclusion it cannot be false or lie, othervise prove that i am wrong instead saying that i lied.

  31. catman said:

    And if u cannot prove it, you are only one who spout false information online that of course only fits their own personal point of view.

  32. Kumis: kzS said:

    1 year for cheating and using alt account’s
    5 year’s for disrespecting

  33. JuN: cbt - Nein said:

    5 years is way too extreme for a crude comment, especially in comparison to the ban lengths of other misconducts. While it was in bad taste, it does not justify an essentially permanent ban in my opinion.

  34. catman said:

    @jun why that was a bad taste? if admin make something bad to someone and that someone is happy that he is dead thats natural things to happen. We are all humans here even admins are humans but for some reason admins thinks that there diccisions are based on truth and cant hurt someone. We all have feelings and still admins are preoritised with there feelings and no one thinks about little nuar feelings.

  35. JuN: cbt - Nein said:

    To be perfectly honest, I think hurting someones feelings should not be a bannable offense anyway.

  36. Amaterasu: (Senior Anti-Cheat Admin) - OPFOR - Nein said:

    @catman Because for some reason you think we banned him based on a single demo, so you are making assumptions based on nothing and spout bullshit like you always do.

  37. Jedi(fla)master: 124 - -Xe- said:

    Where’s my banpost tho

  38. fliq: VENGA - NNG said:

    free little nyar……….

  39. Absent: VENGA - THICC said:

    Is nyar’s ban one that can be appealed? If so, it’s a lot more reasonable to put this down as a message saying “this behaviour is not welcome in this league”, unlike Houston’s behaviour which I doubt he’ll get pardoned for any time soon.

  40. PenDraGon: nuBo - TB said:

    Deserved ban, Josh

  41. HBFS: 9G - v4 said:

    Yes, what Nyar said is bad. And I understand that admins are hurt now. But banning her for 5 years is a huge mistake, especially when you ban pedo’s for only 6 months. Someone cheats in this game and gets only a 1 year ban. You have to fix this.

  42. senko said:

    catman do be kind of spitting facts doe……..

  43. SOLAR: KRITZBERG said:

    Honestly catman’s IQ is lower than my shoe size.

  44. catman said:

    @Senko what do u mean? i already explained my investigation so now i am wating for ac staff to prove that i am giving false info

  45. RAMA: RPC - Ky_nA said:

    I think for shittalking Nyar should get a Forum ban, not league.
    You have got triggered for stupid words of noname, it doesn’t matter at all.
    Penalties must fit crimes.

  46. senko said:

    i agree on the fact that ac admins should have experience in the game they are playing, and I think they should also understand what is and whats not possible through a game engine and in parallel cheat development. i know that detecting cheat is literally something that has nothing to do with comp whatsoever and that having no experience doesn’t really impact your “choices” but at somepoint having experience in the game you play would make you distinguish “mechanical” stuff like pre-aims from an actual hard-coded aimbot or esp. watching max box’s videos won’t help you with that

  47. smrk: Opa! said:

    @catman, why should the admins be justifying their work to you?

    @everyone else, if you think that the admins decisions have gone too far, feel free to leave this website and play another league.

  48. hawaii: mwa - mwahl said:

    if being a sexual predator only nets you 6 months and making a crude comment about a corpse, shouldnt nursey be pardoned all across tf2 aswell? imm sure its been close to 6 months since he/she/it fucked up? :-)

  49. HBFS: 9G - v4 said:

    @smrk this is already happening. Admins are going to kill this league with their retarded decisions.

  50. FTH: pizza said:

    Wild website…

    Every one is talking to a wall

    Catman being catman

    Jun being a simp

    Quality improvement over the years

  51. catman said:

    @smrk for me? hm probably shouldnt, but for the guy who convicted in cheating shoulde. I dont know if you know what praesumptio innocentiae stands for, atleast you can google it but thats how the justice work.

    Why people shoulde leave thise league? thise league is made by people and played by people, its a community league maybe communistic but if it is a capitalistic project(company, startup or whatever) admins or slavemasters shoulde write it down in the rules section.

    Rule 1.0 – there are slavemasters called admins.
    1,1 Admins are the gods, thats means that they can do whatever they whant and they are always right in everything.
    1.2 Players on thise league are slaves and dont have rights

    See how simple it is to make good rules?

  52. sheepy dog's hand: (puffy vulva) - VENGA - CORE said:

    Nursey is not a sexual predator she did something stupid but sending a picture to a 15 year old in an 18+ discord having no idea he was even 15 is hardly the same as texting lewd things and pornography to a 12 year old. Nursey is not a pedophile actively searching out minors to prey upon like the major witch hunt thread and angry mobs have decided.

  53. sheepy dog's hand: (puffy vulva) - VENGA - CORE said:

    Also this is probably the biggest fuck up the admins have made in a long long time

  54. StyX: ᴏғᴏ said:

    she wrote the bad comment, but 5 years is too much i think, she deserves like a ~1 year max but not 5

  55. Foz: (ETF2L Donator) - Duplo - KANKERBOYS said:

    this is fucked lol

  56. yahoo: SDCK said:

    damn this thread is spicy chicken nuggets

  57. NuTRiCuLa: op_sqd said:

    nice comments feelsgoodman clap

    also banning someone for 5 year is basically perma ban at this point and for what ? ….

  58. cj: ..d1ck said:

    glad Houston is banned that fackin nonce. he’s a right dosser deserves a peltin

  59. Citrus: ВТ. said:

    6 months ban for an immoral action, which is a serious crime in many countries KekW
    5 years ban for stiff jokes KekWait

  60. cj: ..d1ck said:

    yea it’s dummy retarded that u ban someone for 5 years for that

  61. ponche: Blg - king said:


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