Announcing Highlander Season 19!

Date July 11, 2019

Announcing Highlander Season 19!

All the information regarding the coming Season can either be found in this newspost, or will be released shortly!

For tiers we’ll be aiming to run swiss again for Open and Mid. This is still potentially subjected to change depending on the final signup numbers.

>>Signup Now!<<

Season Schedule

  • Signups: 11th July – 26th July 21:00 CEST (Premiership signup deadline is July 19th 21:00 CEST)
  • Publishing of Provisional Divisions: 26th July
  • Publishing of Final Divisions: 27th July
  • Premiership Qualifiers: 20th – 27th July
  • Main Season: 28th July – 17th August (3 Weeks)
  • Break for I-Series 65 LAN. No games will be played between 17th – 25th August
  • Main Season Resumes: 25th August – 7th September (2 Weeks, Roster Lock active on 1st September at 00:00 CEST)
  • Playoffs: 8th September – 29th September

Map pool

koth_warmtic_b6 is being replaced with cp_propaganda_b16.

Map Rotation


Here are the whitelist changes for Season 19:

  • Fists of Steel will be banned (due to an uber building bug).

Thank you to all users who participated in the preseason cup and gave feedback in the thread!

The whitelist for Season 19 can be found here.

Sign-up Process

Division 1 and 2 remain in place instead of High Tier for Season 19. Teams looking into playing in either of these divisions will need to sign up to High tier when signing up for the season. If teams would want to specify to which of these Divisions they want to be placed in, we strongly encourage teams to send in an application to us with the said method below.

Make sure to choose your desired tier when signing up for the season in the sign-up process. If you created a new team, feel free to apply for the tier you believe you deserve you should be in. To prove you are capable of the tier you applied for, we require you to submit screenshots or logs of results from your recent practice matches or tournaments where you scored decent results against teams that play on the level you aim for, send an application to [email protected] (details listed below) with a suitable subject. Emails with subjects like “Hello”, “Hi” or anything else that cannot be identified as a team applying for a tier by mail may be ignored. Teams signing up for the high division are advised to send an email whether they have a preference to either play division 1 or 2. If no email is send by a team signing up for high they will get placed by admins based on the roster of the team.

Additionally, since it happens time and time again, you do not sign up by mail, you sign up on the site and apply by mail if you are a newly formed team playing in anything higher than Open.

The quantity of screenshots or logs is not the most important factor in this case, it’s more of a helpful measure for us to figure out if your team will be able to keep up with the pace. There is no magical, minimum or maximum number of screenshots or logs that you have to submit.

When sending links to logs on or similar it is highly recommended that you include a short explanatory comment for each linked log, e.g. who your opponents are supposed to be and where they played last season. Also helpful for us, but not a must, however, is adding who the opposing team is in each screenshot or log (and maybe even the division they played in the last time). That makes it easier for us because sometimes it can be quite hard (especially in the lower tiers) to figure out who the teams in the screenshots are. We will not accept plain lists of logs without any comments!

Please note that the success of your request also strongly depends on the free slots in the tier you aim for. Established teams will be favored over new teams or teams that request to jump a tier. The screenshots have to be uploaded to an online image storage service (for example, you can use Imgur or Dropbox). Keep in mind that if you opt for zipped archives with tons of pictures attached to an e-mail, your application will be ignored. Keep it clean.

If you are applying for Open tier (which is our entry division), you do not have to provide any proof that you are capable of playing at that level.

Please send your application to [email protected]. The tier assignment request has to include the following information in order to be considered. Incomplete applications will be ignored!

  • Do not use HTML in your e-mail. If you want to add a link, just paste the link in the e-mail as you would enter it in your browser.
  • Team name
  • Team link on
  • Tier you are applying for
  • Link to the online photo album with comments
  • Reasons why your team deserves to be placed in the tier you applied for (optional)

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  1. Morgan said:


  2. Dlauck: ESA - WhWee said:

    why propaganda that shit map gives me worse fps than the already shit fps map warmthicc, bruh this is a stupid

  3. poy: ⎝⎠ ⧹⧸⧹⧸ ⎝⎠ - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    🦀warmtic is gone 🦀

  4. hondjo: ᵧaᴸʟₐʜ - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    🦀warmtic is gone 🦀

  5. Cap Fordo: TfD - BGT said:

    Wrangler unbanned!!!

  6. magistr: XYUCAC said:

    ok, players are fucking braindead if they add propoganda in this game

  7. domiq: SORA⚡️ - Sampler HL said:

    koth_warmtic_b6 is being replaced with cp_propaganda_b16. ????
    WTF is wrong with you??

  8. Fire: BCBB - WCS said:

    nice meme

  9. Pahan: kiolox - kiti said:


  10. BlastFM: Sampler HL said:

    Good on you unbanning the wrangler, but replacing WARMTIC with PROPAGANDA? Really? Aleskee please, what are you smoking

  11. TBourdon: ᵧaᴸʟₐʜ - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    warmtic is kill


  12. Mankind: CHUGS - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    🦀warmtic is gone 🦀

  13. Barthiz: 177013 - inv said:

    >people don’t speak up about keeping warmtic in the feedback section which was both available on discord and etf2l forum
    >also people: reeeeee propaganda(((((

  14. MoreBuckets!: BEER - OY VEY said:

    @hondjo @poy

    🦀warmtic is gone 🦀

  15. Spreijer: SDCK said:

    Finally a new map!

  16. GR1M: --- said:

    I would prefer switching propaganda with gully tbh

  17. Detoed.: _____iwate - inv said:

    WHY 5cp map instead KOTH? change gully for new map pls

  18. MoreBuckets!: BEER - OY VEY said:

    ^ the 2 upper comments pls

  19. Vclox_: want it? - Lucrosa said:

    don’t mind about the map, FOS ban is dumb lmao

  20. ollitf: KKK - Lucrosa said:

    Badwater WeirdChamp

  21. Adje: Lucrosa said:


  22. magistr: XYUCAC said:

    delete gully and add this shit map if u want lmao

  23. Buck824: BCBB - WCS said:

    no idea why the new koth one wasnt put in instead of the cp because that is one long ass boring cp map if i ever seen one. I die of old age getting to mid lmao, even with whip

  24. MatTj: ᵧaᴸʟₐʜ - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    badwater stock… again

  25. Mr British said:


  26. amyzie: APE - uwu said:

    cp_propaganda yike

  27. sun: $$$ said:

    I like how people are complaining when admins finally took the courage to change the map pool after playing the same maps over and over again for 4 seasons straight

    also why is badwater still existing?? -___-

  28. STiNGHAN: inv said:

    we want new maps!!!
    but badwater needs to be in, there is no point for other map!!

  29. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - snowmonki - WCS said:

    if progaganda was added only for the season 19 picture, it’s totally worth it

  30. sek: ⎝⎠ ⧹⧸⧹⧸ ⎝⎠ - SDCK said:

    dont post any feedback but then bitch and moan when shit gets changed, classic team fortress 2
    and good change warmtic sucks mega balls

  31. 4hp: 177013 - TBC said:

    Map pool doesn’t need 3 koths and it doesn’t need to be the same maps over and over, I support this and hope it paves the way for others (cough vigil) to come in

  32. mattikus: Descent said:

    tbh Propaganda is actually fun af to play

  33. FTH: pizza said:

    massive pepega

  34. Nightmare: TBC said:

    > literally no one complaining about the FOS
    > admins banning it
    > ????

    > the majority complains about badwater
    > admins replace warmtic
    > ????

  35. Wild_Piggie: KNOPPER - pizza said:

    Thanks for banning the fists of steel aleskee, it would of been awful if somebody would of abused this bug.

  36. Cronk: ︻芫═一☺ - Lucrosa said:

    aleskee Face (no space)

  37. Cronk: ︻芫═一☺ - Lucrosa said:

    On a more serious note.

    It’s weird how decisions regarding how the whole season is played out, regarding the whitelist as well as the map pool is decided between 1-8 admins.

    Why are these decisions not taken by the players themselves?
    Is Kaylus, Aleskee, Sodium, Dr Happiness, Jan, Aoshi, Bloodis and Stinson somehow more knowledgeable than the majority of the players?

    Admins should enforce rules, sure. But having a monopoly on simple decisions like these is incredibly weird.

  38. Tercio: ACID - inv said:

    Badwater need to go. :/

  39. bkts: AC2 - LFC said:

    Thanks for banning the fists of steel aleskee, it would of been awful if somebody would of abused this bug.

  40. shinso: 4REAL - TBC said:

    remove badwater

  41. Detoed.: _____iwate - inv said:

    shut up everyone, Aleskee knows better

  42. Wild_Piggie: KNOPPER - pizza said:

    Yeah detoed you tell them. Go Aleskee!

  43. Hannes: crumbs - HOIL said:

    Haha stop crying, accept the changes. angry noobs :D

  44. MatTj: ᵧaᴸʟₐʜ - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    Haha stop crying, accept the changes. angry noobs :D

  45. proky: (Trial Admin) - SDCK said:

    Ok you guys are bashing AlesKee pretty hard when infact you should be bashing Aoshi, DCS, Kaylus, Sodium, Dr Happiness and Jan.

    It was the same when organizing season 18 over half the admin team don’t even actively play this game mode and some don’t even play the game its self, they don’t give any input even when asked repeatedly, so it ends up AlesKee, with Bloodis helping as much as he can to setup the season, read through the feedback and make a call.

    As for replacing badwater show’d that badwater is the 3rd most popular map in the current pool, vigil still has some pretty big flaws same with borneo so nothing better to replace badwater with as far as i can see. Its nice to have a balanced map pool aswell so thats a nice change.

    With the FoS uber bug it should be banned but if you are going to ban them for being bugged you should consider looking at the GRU health bug that has still not been patched. Its much more random and hard to replicate but with FoS being banned it could become way more common.

    On the whole though nice first season AlesKee keep it up :)

  46. Included_Middle: nufcZONE said:


  47. Adje: Lucrosa said:

    Next season just message the one guy y’all end up listening to anyway instead of creating a feedback thread

    The vote results should hardly be surprising because that’s just how it goes with community maps that haven’t been played in a season. It’s a decent baseline don’t get me wrong and I get why the standard maps are in there, cause you want a new map to be better than what you currently have (otherwise there would be no point), but your poll doesn’t really show how much prior experience people had with the map before voting. If you’d do a vote like this in the future (which you should have for Propaganda and Clearcut, cause there’s no point going through the pain of getting that data but then adding maps that haven’t gone through the same process and just had a handful of posts in a forum thread saying it was ok), it’d also be nice to gain insight in people’s experience with the maps and also have a way to see amount of votes based on division.

  48. Luigi: [MB] said:

    please stop playing 5cp in highlander i beg you

    i would literally rather play literally any payload or koth map even like fucking goldrush like a fucking pub map the 5cp gamemode is atrocious in hl

    i enjoy every hl map that is within reason

  49. Sketis: $$$ said:

    finally some new maps nice but hl in gullywash retardation is hurting me

  50. name: KWG - KWG said:

    🦀warmtic is gone 🦀

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