Nations Cup #7: Tiebreakers, and a Peek Into Playoffs

Date August 1, 2018

After 2 weeks of nations coming together and fighting to the death until the timer runs out or win conditions have been met 14 of these countries have made their way out of the group stages in to the Round of 16.

With Israel Israel and CzechRepublic Czech Republic each winning a map when they met resulting in a tied score for the highest seed in group D and when Ukraine Ukraine met Romania Romania in group G also drew their game these countries still have to play a tiebreaker to figure out which team places where in their respective groups and go through to the next round if a tiebreaker game has not been played already.

Tiebreakers will be played as a Best of 3 in the upcoming week and the Round of 16 will start on August 5th, or earlier even if these matches get played sooner!

Following the playoffs during the Round of 16 teams will be paired against teams in their nearby group, having 1st place team from Group A playing against 2nd place team from Group B, with the same trend going on for each paired group.

Group A vs. Group B
England England (A1) vs. Netherlands Netherlands (B2)
Germany Germany (B1) vs. Spain Spain (A2)

Group C vs. Group D
Wales Wales (C1) vs. Israel Israel 1 (D2)
CzechRepublic Czech Republic 1 (D1) vs. Italy Italy (C2)

Group E vs. Group F
Denmark Denmark (E1) vs. Poland Poland (F2)
Finland Finland (F1) vs. Scotland Scotland (E2)

Group G vs. Group H
France France (G1) vs. Russia Russia (H2)
Sweden Sweden (H1) vs. Ukraine Ukraine 2 (G2)

1 Czech RepublicIsrael Tiebreaker
2 RomaniaUkraine Tiebreaker

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