S29 Week 1: nunya vs. The Bus Crew

Date February 3, 2018

Our final week 1 match should be a good one. The newly reformed nunya (led by Connor) have picked up finnish scout power-combo nuthouse and Puoskari and moved lukas to demo. Joining them will be two soldiers new to prem, charlie and mattu. Expect this team to become a real force by the end of the season as lukas, charlie and mattu adjust to their new roles.

The Bus Crew definitely earned their spot in prem this season, barely managing to clean up the swamp in the first qualifier match over the full 3 maps. A mix of existing prem players and new British demo Yohn, most would rate this team close to nunya and with both teams hoping to make playoffs expect a hard-fought match.

Bringing this match to you will be the wise old grandads of EU casting, TurboTabs and Beater, with gemm on joining on production.

Play-by-Play: TurboTabs | Analysis: Beater | Production: gemm | SouthAfrica nunya | European The Prophets | Written by gemm | Week 1 Predictions

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  1. Charlie: CLARTED said:

    go nunya

  2. catbowcar said:

    go nunya!

  3. catbowcar said:

    GO CRUNGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yohn: TP said:

    any bus fans out there

  5. tuja: (ETF2L Donator) - STiNG - inv said:


  6. Collaide: vg. said:

    i like bus