S28 Week 3: top5rocket vs. Weebtunnel Tactics

Date October 7, 2017

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Written by Smin 

The first of the 2 Product weeks in ETF2L S28 ends with this match between France Ascent.EU and Japan Weebtunnel Tactics!

France Ascent.EU have had a very interesting start to their season: They have gotten 1 of every result possible in 4 maps played: 1 win, 1 loss, 1 golden cap win, and 1 golden cap loss. They achieved the win and GCW in a 5-1 victory over LEGO in Week 1, and reversed that result with European Politically correct pander in the following week. How’s that for stat analysis? On the other side of the court, Japan Weebtunnel Tactics haven’t managed to pick up a single point yet, though with Sweden ANTIC dead (RIP) they’ve technically only played one match: Their Week 2 fixture against SouthAfrica nunya, which concluded with SouthAfrica nunya comfortably taking all 6 points. Neither team won their Gullywash match last week, and they’ll be looking to redeem themselves this time around. As far as Product goes, Finland credu will be most likely making an appearance on sniper for France Ascent.EU, while it’s more of a toss-up on the Weebs+ WAR side. Germany Ignis and Finland Bloodis have both made appearances on sniper this season, but considering its Viaduct and you typically want two scouts, I would think Germany Ignis would be picking up the sniper rifle for the team if they need it.

Tune in to TFTV Sunday at 21:15 CEST with casters Scotland zeFrosty and row with Nicell on production! NA takeover (almost)!

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