Season 28 Update, Rule Changes and ETF2L Recruiting!

Date September 16, 2017

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Season 28: Update

There have been talks of cp_reckoner expecting to receive an update further on in the season, so Reckoner is getting delayed in the season to weeks 6 and 7 as a result to see if the changes will positively affect the map.

The Season 28 Map Pool will be adjusted to be like this from now on:

Map Rotation

General Rule updates

We will also be adding some new rules to our General Rules, these will apply to Season 28 and all competitions starting after it.

3.11 Class limits within the gamemode will also count dead players

You’re only allowed to have the class limits listed within the gamemode in play. Dead players also count as in play.

This rule will be in place to prevent players from switching to a different class which was occupied by a now dead teammate, if teams are caught violating this rule in their matches then admins will decide on a punishment to the rule violation in a case by case scenario. While this is not commonly used by all teams in the league, we want to make a clear stance that we will not be allowing this anymore now.

2.8 You can have your ETF2L name changed up to 4 times

Name changes on ETF2L can only be done by administrators. If you want your name changed, contact an admin in ETF2L Support Chat. You can change your name a total of 4 times. There are no exceptions.

This change is in place due to the amount of name changes players have done to get a better consistency on the players that would change their names several times in a year.

3.12 Playoff matches must have maps chosen before matches are about to be played

If one of the 2 teams avoids or doesn’t respond to map picks 36 hours before the match is scheduled. The opposing team will get a map picking advantage. If one of the 2 teams keeps being uncooperative up until 4 hours before the match is scheduled, the other team will get to choose all the maps for the relevant match.

If there is any issues, contact an admin as soon as possible. Use the match comments for any official agreements.

While this kind of scenario isn’t commonly seen as a problem in the league, we still do not want to halt players from knowing which maps they would play during any playoff matches.

Additionally, we are also updating one of our currently existing rules in both 6v6 rules and HL rules to have better consistency with dead teams in active leagues.

1.5 Teams with 3 Default Losses or 2 Default Losses in a row will be expelled from the season

If a team receives a third Default Loss or has given a Default Loss twice in a row, they will be expelled from the league for the running season.

Originally we expelled teams that did not show up at all to a match twice in a row, but we have seen that teams that would not actively play in a running season anymore could still give away default losses on their own, which would then not count towards the previously said no-shows.

Next to that we’ve also made some small changes to etf2l_custom config file.
This isn’t anything major for most of the players, but we would appreciate for players with their own private servers to update this file.

ETF2L recruiting!

We are also once again looking for more volunteers to help run and maintain the league, mostly for League Admins but if you have another offer in mind that ETF2L would benefit of, feel free to also follow the following lines.

League Admin

Among other things league admins take admin requests on IRC, deal with match conflicts, handle the setting of Default Dates and the verification of played matches. They also create and oversee cups.

With the change to the swiss system setting Default Dates does not create as much of a task as it used to do, since a notable portion of it is automated. It is basically a non-factor in the regular season. On the other hand dealing with match conflicts has become a task that has to be adressed in a more timely fashion. Additionally providing support during match times has grown in importance, therefore we cannot really employ admins who have team commitments every four to five times per week (especially but not limited to Thursdays). Same goes for creating and overseeing cups. It is always easier said than done, having the idea and setting up a cup is only a small part of actually running a cup. Being there when the cup is under way, providing match support, adressing conflicts, lending out servers, seeding further rounds, verifying finished matches and many more tasks have to be handled, while possibly over 100 matches are going on simultaneously, you may not be alone, but you will be part of it.

Also something we want to adress is our interest in self-managed admins, we will not take you by the hand and lead you through everything there is to do. YOU have to show interest, YOU have to ask what you can do, YOU have to prove you really want to be an admin. There are plenty of admins around almost all the time, who are happy to help you and show you the ropes, but at some point routines will have to be dealt with without someone telling you that they need to be done. At the same time, communicating with other admins is very important, to avoid certain tasks being done twice, conflicting results in decisions or even decisions overwriting previous ones.

If you are interested in supporting the administrative backbone for the league, you should also check out the details on the respective application page, this will tell you which information we need from you at the very least. With an emphasis on THE VERY LEAST, most applications that cover only the very basics will not go very far. Additionally this general page may provide you with some more information.

If you are interested in any of the roles on the Staff mentioned above, send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name
  • ETF2L profile link
  • Country of residence
  • Age
  • Previous experience (optional)
  • Special skills or contacts that may help the league (optional)
  • Available free time


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