S28 Round 1: cp_soiree vs. nunya BLACK

Date September 13, 2017

etf2l season28 banner

Banner by soda

Written by Smin 

More ETF2L Preaseason Playoff action is coming your way with France cp_soiree vs. UnitedKingdom Da Choke Bustaz! The winner of this match should’ve had to play SouthAfrica nunya for a spot in the Premiership, but with European Se7en announced as unable to play, the winner of this match will go straight into Prem!
France cp_soiree(aka ★★★½ with) finished 2nd in High last season and placed 9-12th at i61, and now have their sights set on Prem. However, they’ll have to get past Premiership veterans UnitedKingdom Da Choke Bustaz if they hope to reach that goal. UnitedKingdom Da Choke Bustaz are more similar to last season’s SouthAfrica nunya than the new team under that banner, and will be looking to slip into Prem for the third season in a row. Can France cp_soiree come out on top, or will UnitedKingdom Da Choke Bustaz snake their way into the Premiership one more time?
Join Denmark Beater, first-time caster Smin (depending on my storm-wacked internet connection), and CzechRepublic degu as we find out who will take the last Prem spot up for grabs!

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