Thursday Evening Banpost

Date June 27, 2013

It became apparent that USA Deputy is an alternative account of Russia catman. Both accounts are banned for the same amount of time.

Russia catman – Alternative account of USA Deputy

Also, the following players have been spotted with a recent VAC ban affecting Team Fortress 2 and are now banned from the League for one year:

Ukraine izq – VAC ban

Ukraine izq  – Second account of Ukraine izq

Israel Flaming cat – VAC ban

As these players have not been caught cheating by our AC staff, their teams’ results will not be affected by their bans.

The following account is an alternative account of a banned cheater but was created before the ban of the original account. It receives the same ban length as the original account.

Lithuania Athorn – Alternative account of Lithuania Artasdmc

Any attempts to bypass a League ban will result in an even longer ban on all accounts associated with the player. Don’t do it.

Additionally, England Mould was found guilty of severe flaming and racism in a match. He is banned from all ETF2L competitions until the end of Season 15.

England Mould – Severe flaming / Racism


  1. Pricee: has [email protected] said:

    these guys omfg :D

  2. MARS^: (ETF2L Donator) - BWB said:

    hahahahaha mould that’s what you get :D gg bro

  3. Daff: DA! said:

    *insert joke about no frenchies in banpost*

  4. Arie: ( - FB - [FB] said:

    Nice alt bro.

  5. Pricee: has [email protected] said:

    I actually can’t believe you did that, thats like the biggest dick move ive ever seen

  6. Kuferl: ( Unicorn) - De-gnomed - (°)> said:

    why shouldn’t they ban some1 for this:

  7. Swift: ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° - Poo said:

    mould down push. :/

  8. Selek said:

    And we still don’t know what upset them this much in our match. Ah well, can’t understand everything, I guess.

  9. Ununoctium: L3RD said:

    no Frëñchïës?


  10. Selek said:

    Also, I’m quite confused: A banpost withouth frenchies? Something is amiss ;)

  11. AWP_sniper_elite1337 said:


  12. alfa: Epsilon said:

    mould you are a disgusting human being

  13. Thalash: 7 - S-O said:

    no catman lan? :(

  14. evokje: WiK? said:

    Someones mean to me on a video game league administrators please ban him i cannot read these kind of words on a message board please

  15. dtn: iDDQD said:

    izq just used openplugin

  16. Mould: De-gnomed said:


    Banned for one match #RIP

  17. irfx: EPA - kiti said:

    admini pidorasi :D

  18. Quell: GoodE said:

    hahahaha poor mould. seems excessive but you should have contained yourself! youre right in that they stick so hard to the rules if you pull them loose bits of skin will stick behind.

    had them request demos after tying with them lol!

  19. Hohen: ? - [MC] said:

  20. Pricee: has [email protected] said:

    trading hats

  21. Tawmo: TF2Fold said:

    Does anyone wanna buy my hat? $600.

  22. Halz: TF2Fold said:

    RIP Mould died in World War 2. nevr 4get

  23. Deripsni: RIPMOULD - Steev said:

    remember da alamo ;'(

  24. Winterz: (è_é) said:

    How do they find alternative accounts? I believe IP tracking is illegal, but I can be wrong.

  25. private_meta: STDs said:

    To clear up something about the Mould situation: I won’t stand for being insulted in that way, so I stated the situation to the admin, just honestly telling everything that happened. Everything that followed was out of my hands.

  26. private_meta: STDs said:

    @Quell: might have been a bit weird, i admit, doesn’t change the fact it’s any teams right to request demos of their opponents.

  27. Dennia: ° said:


  28. Vlijm: GoT<3 - Soup! said:

    #Mould is a fucking racist retard and people still defend that kind of shit. Learn to contain your tears and anger if you lose one game.

  29. m1kle said:

    free izq

  30. Vlijm: GoT<3 - Soup! said:

    Did any of you even read the chatlogs? Thats some offensive shit and i find it disspointing he didnt recieve a 3-month ban like players did before on this kind of insults and racism.

  31. xzr: puppeli said:

    “IP tracking is illegal” lolz, perfectly fine to check IP access logs from etf2l/gameservers.

    Also I have no fucking idea why those spacker brits got their panties in a knot over addict making a perfectly justified remark. What are you guys, 10 or something?

    And jesus fuck if you want to troll, try to come up with something a bit more original. “Ur german u burn jews” is so 1960s

  32. xzr: puppeli said:


    1. Claim the opposing team are default hunters even if they never mentioned going for it
    2. Get raped
    3. Profit?

  33. SmAsH: .Qc` said:





  34. onv said:

    i’m not even german nor jew but

  35. marez: vc - 9 ☆ said:

    it aint a banpost with no frenchies in it

  36. atmo said:

    Good riddance.

  37. Lord Benjamin: RIPMOULD - has [email protected] said:

    I’m german and I’m very offended by what mould said #hitler #offended #9/11

  38. AV Fatal1ty: BacheloR - BacheloR said:

    Mould is an idiot, period.

  39. Tawmo: TF2Fold said:

    Don’t eat like a noob.

  40. Pricee: has [email protected] said:

    Cashews of chaos

  41. mini: TC said:

    mouloud why