ETF2L 6th Cup Signup & Default Date Reminders, Anti-Cheat Recruitment

Date November 12, 2012

ETF2L 6th Cup Signups still open!

The 6th big ETF2L cup that can hold up to 200 teams and has a prize pool of €300 still has over 100 slots left. Signups close this Saturday, on November 17, so you better convince your team leader today to get your team signed up. This cup is a good opportunity to get some official results for your team’s Season 14 application! It also gives you a reason to practice some of the up and coming maps that may make it into next season’s map pool. More information on the setup can be found on its hub page.

Potential changes to the Cup

Some aspects of the cup are still up for debate.

First of all, some of you requested to let fun teams sign up as well. This would come with a few problems, such as the cup going on for potentially 8 weeks with a break over the Christmas holidays. We fear that most non-serious fun teams would struggle to field a full team for all their matches, if the competition lasts longer than just a few days. Also, this would allow a player to be on the roster of more than 1 team in the same competition. However, if this idea gets enough support from our players, we may yet allow it.

Another point was raised by England Arx in the comments of the last announcement. He suggested, that each round should have a random draw, rather than following brackets set in the first round. This would require quite a bit of extra work on behalf of staff, so make sure to voice your support in comments if this is something you would like to see!

Highlander: Default date explanation

It appears some teams have been having difficulty grasping the system behind default dates, so we thought it helpful to remind our players how default dates work:

  • Default dates are issued to make sure every match has a scheduled date.
  • Default dates are directly based on proposals submitted by teams on the match page.
  • Default dates are only issued to matches that do not have an accepted schedule proposal before the schedule deadline:
    • For regular league matches: midnight of Thursday before the play week for the match.
    • For league matches with extensions: schedule deadline is moved further by a week
    • For wildcarded matches: schedule deadline is midnight of the 6th day after the wildcard was used.

For a detailed look at how the default date process works and how to always get default dates you’re be happy with, please consult this thread on the forums.

ETF2L Anti-Cheat Team is recruiting!

ETF2L’s Anti-Cheat team is once again recruiting volunteers to help us keep ETF2L free of cheaters.

We are looking for players with extensive experience in upper divisions of our Leagues and/or previous anti-cheat experience in other communities. Anti-cheat admins are expected to be continually active, review submitted evidence and request further demos where needed, as well as provide their input on running cases to help the AC team reach a ban verdict.

If you believe you are qualified for Anti-Cheat work, for the AC team, check the Jobs page for a guide on how to write and submit an application. Promising candidates will be interviewed and welcomed to staff.


  1. Zebbosai: Damn! said:

    do arx shit!

  2. Califax: dyn. said:

    No “fun” teams pls.
    No opinion on Arx’s idea’s.

  3. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:

    Yay! FA Cup lottery!
    Portsmouth vs Cardiff final please :D

  4. Ash: (Legend) said:

    +1 arx

  5. beta: RaWr :: said:

    I don’t recall why we removed the random draws but it did make the cup more exciting.

    I remember the times of people joining the cup channel watching the draw quite closely, which was done by a bot. Each team was given a number and it was just luck of the draw who you pulled.

    The only fair way to decide competitions :)

  6. DeNeusbeer: (Legend) - HoT<3 said:

    Random draws weren’t removed, the cups just stopped because they didn’t really fit into our schedule anymore. The 5th cup still had random draws every round. I don’t see why the 6th one should not. :)

  7. crouton: LEGO said:

    No reason to allow The Escape Plan, it’s a fucking idiotic stupid weapon.

    Gunboats are cool though.