Nations Cup: Semi-Finals – KotH Cup: Round 2 – Anti-Cheat Section: Recruiting – New Website Features

Date October 31, 2009

Nations Cup: Semi-Finals

The business end of our Nations Cup tournament continues with a couple of great match-ups. After a tough win versus valiant Poland Poland, Norway Norway faces their biggest challenge yet against strong favourites Finland Finland. On the other side of the bracket, England England and Sweden Sweden meet in what will hopefully be a very competitive match.

Which teams do you reckon will reach the final? Take your guess at the end of this post! Also make sure to check out [’s preview] written by Finland PerrY.


  • [Playoff Tree]
  • [Fixtures]
  • Maps: 1. Badlands 2. Granary 3. Gravel Pit
  • Schedule Deadline: Sunday, 1st November, 23:59 CET
  • Match Deadline: Thursday, 5th November, 23:59 CET


Norway Norway vs. Finland Finland – [Match Page]

England England vs. Sweden Sweden – [Match Page]

KotH 4on4 Cup Round 2

Our first King of the Hill cup continues into Round 2 after some fun opening round encounters. Please schedule and play your Round 2 games as soon as possible!


  • [Playoff Tree]
  • Map: Viaduct
  • Schedule Deadline: Tuesday, 3rd November, 23:59 CET
  • Match Deadline: Sunday, 8th November, 23:59 CET

Anti-Cheat Section: Recruiting

We’d like to formally welcome Sweden Iller to the anti-cheat team.

We’re also searching for one more dedicated and experienced anti-cheat admin to complete the team. If you’re confident that you have the ability to fairly process and properly analyse anti-cheat cases, send an application to [email protected] with the following details:

  • ETF2L Nickname
  • Real name, age and nationality
  • Spoken languages (average English required)
  • Past anti-cheat admin experience
  • Motivation: why do you want to join our team?

New Website Features

The coding team has been hard at work on the website, creating a few new features:

  • A wildcard system has been integrated to the website. From now on, please use the regarding function on the match page if your team wants to use a wildcard.
  • Some neat map statistics subpage about how many and which maps were taken [per season] including [overall trends].
  • The testing phase of the ladder continues. Thanks to all the teams that have supported it thus far. We are also happy to announce minkee made us another excellent banner for this competition, have a look on the [ladder subpage].

Nations Cup predicition poll: Who will win Semi Final #1?

Total Voters: 278

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Nations Cup predicition poll: Who will win Semi Final #2?

Total Voters: 283

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  1. Sneis said:

    First! :D

  2. quickman: fa» - [SpA] said:

    the koth-tree-link is wrong :/

  3. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    Fixed :p

  4. tragett said:

    go iller!

  5. troot: -9m- - DStS said:

    rofl iller,have u actually read some of the shit he has said?

  6. baerbel: trick17 - trick17 said:

    i will be awaiting your application troot :)

  7. troot: -9m- - DStS said:

    Well u see,that’s the difference unlike alot of people on these forums i’m not going to sit here and claim i have a clue about spotting cheats.
    I can see though when someone is taking the piss and is just plain bullshitting.

  8. ope said:

    Iller is a very smart and kind person so I’m sure he’ll be a big help to the ac section:)

  9. Geten said:

    Congratulations, Iller! I’m sure you’ll be a superb AC-admin and expect you to be the Bogart of catching cheating scum :D

  10. Iller: tGa said:

    Thank you all !
    I will work hard to find and ban cheaters to make the league better for us all.
    I will, of course, also do my best to be fair and never ban anyone without enough evidence.

    Troot, I suppose you are referring to my attempts to defend myself against certain flamers ?
    You are of course free to have your opinion on that.

  11. Iller: tGa said:

    By the way, I know perfectly well that I am new in this business.
    I will always consult other admins for disussions and never take any decisions by my own.

    I have sometimes been suspicious of some clips and sometimes not. However, I have never presented such suspicions as facts and I will never assume that my hunches are right before investigating much further.

  12. _ToRnAiDo_: KÅT - SpA|com said:

    well spoken, Iller! GL :)

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  14. fJack: k^m said:

    Welcome Iller and good luck all Nations cup participants!

  15. Ino: dp. - dp. said:

    Nice map stats!
    Interesting that the percentage of Fastlane usage is higher the lower the Division is :D

    Also GL Iller!

  16. mavve: YOYO\' - syster said:

    Iller for president! ;D