Nations Cup #2: Playoff Phase


Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Moose (Finland)



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]



5 - 4

[Screenshots: A B ]

Finland Finland vs Norway Norway
2 - 0


SteamID Screenshots: A


Finland (6) hocz, hymzi, agron, Moose, Rebeli, Darn
Norway (6) drleånn, Macisum, Herr Braffle, torden, treigzak, BERSERKER


  1. Macisum: YOYO\' - syster said:

    We should win this easy imotbh..

  2. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    Please schedule this by Monday, 23:59 or we need to set a Def Date.

    We are already behind the schedule and want to finish the tournament soon :)

  3. Bash said:

    Where is the hype!?

  4. Blorg said:

    GO FINLAND!!111

    Yes, I’m from England.

  5. bunfi said:

    Where is the money!?

  6. Gniedler: T4F - FuDoo :> said:


  7. danilovic: Team Effort - said:


  8. hatE: YOYO\' said:

    Team MasiCUM wins! \o/

  9. Arie: ( - FB - [FB] said:

    FakkelBrigade would like to run an STV for this. Please email me: arie (at) or contact me on Steam when you’ve decided on a server.

  10. Joliet Jake: bruttecose. said:

    yeah we want a stv! ;) i’ll update the italian national TF2 steam group as soon as the stv comes out.

  11. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    STV will be up as soon as we know which server we’ll be using.

  12. Joliet Jake: bruttecose. said:

    perfect, i guess we are linked in a chain then ;)

  13. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    The normal FB’s stv and also QuadV will be casting the match live. Nice to see you back A_Spec!

  14. Joliet Jake: bruttecose. said:

    wonderful! Password is on though…

  15. Vlady said:

    stv, please.

  16. quickman: fa» - [SpA] said:

    thx for the nice show on gran :)

  17. Ace said:

    gg, fun watching :>

  18. Squide: keso said:


  19. Macisum: YOYO\' - syster said:

    gg guys. Gl against the swedes.

  20. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    gg, was fun :D

  21. torden: broder - syster said:

    great game. gl with sweden!

  22. BERSERKER: broder - PRO said:

    luck is a great factor in this game

  23. danilovic: Team Effort - said:

    I know. Finland was very lucky to have better players than us.

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