Entries from June 2009

50 € Soldier 1on1 Cup – Final: Coinz vs. cheetah

Date June 26, 2009

The biggest TF2 duel cup in history will come to an end today. 380 players tried to gain the title “best European TF2 duel sold” and win the complete prize money of 50 €. Two months and almost 400 matches later only two are left to fight for all the fame and money: YoYoTech.Coinz, winner […]

Pyro 3on3 and Soldier Turris 1on1 Cup starting!

Date June 23, 2009

The Sign-Up-Phase went quite amazing – both slot limits were reached in less than 18 hours. We are sorry for everyone who didn’t get a spot, but also we can’t expand the slots as many people will be on vacations shortly after the cups are supposed to end. Due to the big request the gamemode […]

Soldier 1on1 and Pyro 3on3 Cup: Sign Up Phase – Phishing websites

Date June 21, 2009

Soldier 1on1 and Pyro 3on3 Cup: Sign Up Phase Alea iacta est! Polls are closed and over 550 players decided: the next two fun cups will be a Soldier 1on1 Cup on cp_turris_b3 and a Pyro 3on3 Paintball Cup on cp_pyropaintball. Sign Ups for both cups will already open today, at 19:30 CEST. As there […]

Fun Cups decider polls closing tonight!

Date June 20, 2009

Just a short reminder the two fun cup decider polls will close tonight. Currently the two “favorites” Soldier 1on1 and Basketball 2on2 are leading, but the “newcomers” Enginner 1on1 and Pyro Paintball 3on3 are closely behind. You haven’t voted yet? Take your right and shake up the result! Sign Ups will already start Sunday evening; […]

Country forums – Season 5: General match deadline & promotion system – Soldier 1on1 Cup: Semi Finals – Fun Cup polls

Date June 16, 2009

New country forums! “Why can’t we discuss in our native language?” was a frequently asked questions of the last weeks. Today we are happy to publish our solution: Country forums! Every country forum is specified to one language and covers any discussions of your choice (as long as they aren’t against any league rules). For […]