Competitions’ Status

Date July 23, 2008

Nations‘ Cup

Our Nations‘ Cup Group Phase started, the first games are played and some more are already scheduled. In the first Group C games both top seeded teams proved their ranking with two clear wins. Belgium Belgium won over Italy Italy (cp_badlands 10:0 | cp_well 5:1) and Russia Russia showed their strength vs. Latvia Latvia (cp_badlands 10:0 | cp_well 4:1) – Source TV Demos of both maps can be found in our Demo Section [Link].

Tonight the first meeting between two highskilled National Teams will take place in Group A. Finland Finland will meet France France on ctf_turbine and cp_gravelpit and try to earn the first group points! Feel free to spectate the match (starting 21:00 CET) at a 128-slot-Source TV:;password tv

We please all National Teams to contact their opponents and schedule your Group Phase Matches. Please contact us if you have problems reaching an opponent so we can sort out inactive teams.

Fun Cups

Almost all Round 2 matches are played; here is a little overview of our current Fun Cup Competitions:

In our Soldier 1on1 Cup we have another Quarter Final ready to play: Finland necr0cannibal from Blood Pressure will meet Poland cube of Veritas. In the first Quarter Final Sweden weqo managed to defeat Sweden appe (35:18 + 35:22 – [Match Page] and is now awaiting his Semi-Final opponent.

Beside that we still have our admin UK Wlv from The Last Resort, France AioR from Team wL and Portugal Coinz from Weapons of the Rebelion in the tourney making their way through the tree. Some big matches will come up there soon.

On the basket court we got one Quarter Final Fixture ready: Polish National Team Players Poland Vice & Poland mac will meet reformed Fracture buddies Norway treigzak & Germany mvp. Beside these two, we find some more Fracture people in the Tree aswell: Finland kentt, together with Finland miikka, is meeting the Blood Pressure buddies Finland necr0cannibal & Finland Punpu. And last but not least also Sweden appe and his team “Fractured Allstars” made their way to the Quarter Finals.

Please contact your Round 3 opponents soon and play your games.

Also remember the Winmode is changing by the Round you are playing. You can find all Fun Cup Winlimits at our FAQ [Link].

3rd Cup

Also our 3rd Cup is going on pretty smooth, all Round 4 Matches are scheduled and three Quarter Final Participants are known already: UK Dead Cows Strike Back, Swegian klan:fader and Germany

Who will join up? One of the big Top Matches will be played tonight with Sweden Excello meeting Denmark Clones-Inc. Interested in spectating this game (starting 21:00 CET)? Join the Source TV:

Also we are having another IRC Live Drawing for 3rd Cup Quarter Finals coming up next Monday, 28th July, at 19:30 CET in our QuakeNet Channel #etf2l – feel invited to take part as visitor!

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