High and Mighty

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HM! -> HAM!
Wannabe low team dead.

S37 Roster:
Roamer Soldier – Silver
Flank Scout – Red
Pocket Scout – nasdo
Pocket Soldier – Asyashi
Demoman – bran
Medic – zek

Subs: classy, haevn, Kxelos, TSM


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Upcoming Fixtures

Date Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No fixtures for this team.


Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
Season 37 [Archives]
Week 7 (Open) Alles Door Oefening Den Haag High and Mighty 6 - 0
Week 6 (Open) High and Mighty Asian Cooking Show: Open Masters 6 - 0
Week 5 (Open) Emma (I love her) High and Mighty 0 - 6
Week 4 (Open) Bad at Positioning High and Mighty 5 - 1
Week 2 (Open) Weebtech [*] High and Mighty 2 - 4
Week 3 (Open) High and Mighty 404 3 - 3
Week 1 (Open) Gigalime High and Mighty 0 - 6
Season 36 [Archives]
Week 5 (Open) High and Mighty Journey Default Loss
Week 6 (Open) ab imo pectore High and Mighty Default Loss
Week 7 (Open) High and Mighty Team ok 6 - 0
Week 4 (Open) Parliament Of Alcoholism High and Mighty Default Win
Week 3 (Open) Weebtech [*] High and Mighty 0 - 6
Week 2 (Open) CalciumComrades High and Mighty 4 - 2
Week 1 (Open) Cavemen High and Mighty 6 - 0


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No demos for this team.

Team Name History

Date Old Name New Name
HugMasters! High and Mighty

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left red red
Left Haevn red
Left Asyashi red
Left Kxelos Kxelos
Left bran bran
Left zek zek
Left classy. classy.
Left Silver Silver
Left nasdo nasdo
Joined classy. Silver
Joined TSM Silver
Joined Haevn Silver
Joined bran Silver
Joined zek Silver
Joined Kxelos Silver
Left Stace Stace
Joined Stace Silver
Left bran bran
Left Rwyn Rwyn
Joined Asyashi red
Joined nasdo Silver
Joined Rwyn Silver
Joined red Kaylus
Left Haevn Haevn
Left b3hold b3hold
Left Ashley b3hold
Left xs ETF2L Staff
Left pesky b3hold
Left Foof b3hold
Left hawk b3hold
Left arctic arctic
Left red b3hold
Left Zack003 Silver
Joined Foof Silver
Left ryo Silver
Joined arctic red
Joined ryo b3hold
Left bubbles bubbles
Joined hawk Silver
Left Antre b3hold
Joined Xeptar b3hold
Joined xs b3hold
Joined bran b3hold
Joined bubbles b3hold
Joined pesky b3hold
Joined Haevn b3hold
Left Shal b3hold
Joined Shal b3hold
Joined Antre b3hold
Joined Zack003 b3hold
Joined Ashley b3hold
Joined red b3hold
Joined Silver b3hold
Joined b3hold b3hold