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The eX Men

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s12 Mid: 6-2 – 1st Place!
s13 High PSC: 2-0-1 – 1st Place!
s13 High: 3-2

was good run

s13 High
Scout: rain
Soldier: mirrorman
Pyro: eX.Hunter
Demoman: Daffodil
Heavy: chinatown
Engineer: hyphen
Medic: turkey/Vryktion
Sniper: Fallen Lord
Spy: spu

s13 High Preseason Cup (1st)
Scout: rain
Soldier: Vryktion
Pyro: eX.Hunter
Demoman: syath
Heavy: GrandiSlayer
Engineer: hyphen
Medic: turkey
Sniper: Fallen Lord
Spy: spu/Mr.DelDongo

s12 Mid (1st)
Scout: rain/syath
Soldier: mirrorman/rain
Pyro: dusk/eX.Hunter
Demoman: syath/source
Heavy: GrandiSlayer
Engineer: hyphen
Medic: turkeylips
Sniper: Fallen Lord
Spy: spu


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Upcoming Fixtures

Date Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No fixtures for this team.


Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
Highlander Season 14 Preseason Cup [Archives]
Round 3 (Premiership) 2 - 0
Round 2 (Premiership) 2 - 0
Round 1 (Premiership) 2 - 0
Highlander Season 13 [Archives]
Week 5 (High) Default Win
Week 4 (High) 0 - 6
Week 3 (High) 6 - 0
Week 2 (High) 2 - 4
Week 1 (High) 6 - 0
Highlander Season 13 Preseason Cup [Archives]
Round 1 (High Group) 3 - 3
Round 3 (High Group) 0 - 6
Round 2 (High Group) Default Win
Highlander Season 12: Mid Playoffs [Archives]
Grand Finals 0 - 6
Semi Finals 2 - 7
Quarter Finals Default Win
Highlander Season 12 [Archives]
Week 5 (Mid) 6 - 0
Week 4 (Mid) 6 - 0
Week 3 (Mid) 2 - 4
Week 2 (Mid) 5 - 1
Week 1 (Mid) 4 - 2


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
43 First Person Highlander Season 12: Mid Playoffs Grand Finals Doctors Of Mediocrity The eX Men
73 First Person Highlander Season 12 Week 5
The eX Men Medpicking Medic

Team Name History

Date Old Name New Name
Joofy and the Jorillas The eX Men

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left DarkFyre DarkFyre
Left Exile_ Exile_
Left MrDelDongo MrDelDongo
Left Daf- Daf-
Left Rain Rain
Left cas cas
Left Pedro Pedro
Left Hunter305 Hunter305
Left FallenLord FallenLord
Left spu spu
Left KarlSagan KarlSagan
Left andrew andrew
Left OriginalVipa OriginalVipa
Joined andrew Rain
Left eerie gook Rain
Joined OriginalVipa Rain
Left shaayy Rain
Joined KarlSagan Rain
Joined gert spu
Left Puffalo Rain
Joined chris Rain
Left Pika Rain
Joined piggeh Rain
Left turkeylips spu
Left syath syath
Joined Grandi spu
Left Grandi Grandi
Joined Grandi spu
Left Qusk spu
Joined Daf- spu
Left andrew andrew
Joined cas spu
Left source spu
Joined calocareye spu
Left Grandi Grandi
Joined andrew spu
Left freelander spu
Joined shaayy Rain
Left milk Rain
Joined Exile_ Rain
Left Acore Rain
Joined MrDelDongo spu
Left Witness spu
Joined eerie gook spu
Left cutegorl21 Rain
Joined Hunter305 Rain
Joined freelander Rain
Left VI Rain
Joined Pedro Rain
Left spinertt Rain
Left DZCreeper Rain
Joined Puffalo Rain
Joined Gabe Rain
Joined cutegorl21 Rain
Joined FallenLord Rain
Joined mirrorman Rain
Joined syath Rain
Joined turkeylips Rain
Joined spu Rain
Joined DarkFyre Rain
Joined VI Rain
Joined Witness Rain
Joined DZCreeper Rain
Joined Grandi Rain
Joined source Rain
Joined milk Rain
Joined Acore Rain
Joined Qusk Rain
Joined Pika Rain
Joined spinertt Rain
Joined Rain Rain