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Goats in Boats

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ETF2L Highlander Open Division Team.

For Scrims and Officials add Vinnie (Radicaln) [Leader] or Divider of Worlds [Co-Leader].

:- Mains -:
Scout: Stexer
Soldier: MiifUs
Pyro: AngryCarrot
Demo: TurboKlaar
Heavy: Mann
Engineer: Divider of Worlds
Medic: Katar
Sniper: Kaaskarretje
Spy: Vinnie

:- Subs -:
Axton; Tommeee; Imperdius; DAeRK; [email protected]; Mercy.


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Registered Players

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Upcoming Fixtures

Date Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No fixtures for this team.


Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
Highlander Season 12 [Archives]
Week 3 (Open) Default Loss
Week 2 (Open) Default Loss
Week 1 (Open) Default Loss
Highlander Season 12 Preseason Cup [Archives]
Match 3 (Open F) 0 - 6
Match 1 (Open F) 0 - 6
Match 2 (Open F) Default Loss
Experimental Highlander Cup #8 [Archives]
Round 3 (Open #2) 0 - 3
Round 2 (Open #2) Default Win
Round 1 (Open #2) 0 - 3


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
48 First Person Highlander Season 12 Preseason Cup Match 3
(Open F)
Goats in Boats The Hungarian Cunts
53 First Person Experimental Highlander Cup #8 Round 1
(Open #2)
Goats in Boats Magnificent Bastards

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Mann Mann
Left Axton Axton
Left Carrot Carrot
Left Kaaskarretje Kaaskarretje
Left LapisTM LapisTM
Left Turboklaar Turboklaar
Left MiifUs MiifUs
Left fanatikvoice fanatikvoice
Left Asyashi Asyashi
Left katar katar
Left divider divider
Left stexer stexer
Joined LapisTM divider
Left Ramsester divider
Left Elyassu Elyassu
Joined Elyassu divider
Left Teddy Teddy
Left Bycoon Bycoon
Joined katar divider
Joined fanatikvoice divider
Left Reteras Reteras
Joined Reteras divider
Joined Ramsester divider
Joined Kaaskarretje divider
Left Organ Seller Organ Seller
Joined Asyashi divider
Joined DAeRK divider
Joined Organ Seller divider
Left Wylenn Wylenn
Joined Bycoon divider
Joined Swift_ divider
Joined Wylenn Radicaln
Joined Axton Radicaln
Joined Teddy Radicaln
Joined stexer Radicaln
Joined Mann Radicaln
Joined Turboklaar Radicaln
Joined Mercy Radicaln
Joined MiifUs Radicaln
Joined Carrot Radicaln
Joined Radicaln divider
Left Radicaln Radicaln
Joined divider Radicaln
Joined Radicaln Radicaln