The Dumping Ground

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: [17:11] <Stinson_Out> how may i help
[17:11] <stephen_> yo man
[17:12] <Stinson_Out> hi
[17:12] <stephen_> so me and my buddies are playin the exp cup tonight and none of us are verified
[17:12] <stephen_>
[17:12] <stephen_> cause we did it last minute
[17:12] <stephen_> is it fine we play
[17:12] <Stinson_Out> yeah that should be allright since its the whole team
[17:13] <Stinson_Out> the verification thing is just so you cant add 1-2 mercs to your roster
[17:13] <stephen_> cheers man
17:13 – stephen: [17:13] <Stinson_Out> but this is an ONC and you team just didnt get verified in time, no biggy

UltimatePopcorn: I love bad boys and I really like to be double-penetrated without any lube on every hole of mine.


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Experimental Highlander One-Night-Cup #6 sponsored by Mid Bracket [Archives]
Quarter Final The Dumping Ground Northern Lightning 0 - 3


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