Bonus Ducks

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A Highlander team made up of the star players of three pub groups. Currently looking for subs and Div 6 scrim partners.


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Upcoming Fixtures

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Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Shay Shay
Left dennytim dennytim
Left tyu tyu
Left Shreyan2 Shreyan2
Left Conas Conas
Left Shaggy Shaggy
Left Maccy Maccy
Left BordyDogue BordyDogue
Left Pe4ce Pe4ce
Left Slappy Slappy
Left Kerouac Kerouac
Left Chef Excellence Chef Excellence
Left proky proky
Left Cirno Cirno
Joined dennytim Slappy
Joined Maccy Slappy
Joined Conas Slappy
Left Banana Banana
Joined n00by Slappy
Joined Chef Excellence Slappy
Joined BordyDogue Slappy
Joined Pe4ce Slappy
Joined Banana Slappy
Joined Kerouac Slappy
Joined Convi Slappy
Joined Shay Slappy
Joined Cirno Slappy
Joined Shreyan2 Slappy
Joined Shaggy Slappy
Joined tyu Slappy
Joined proky ∆rtemis
Joined ∆rtemis ∆rtemis
Joined Slappy ∆rtemis