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We are a div6/iron HL team
Add [☁]Emiel for scrims and officials
We are curently looking for players and always for backups


Scout: I Am Link, Ama Backup: -slice, Veach
Soldier: Green_Joke33 Backup: T3x4s Styl3, Frozen Cookie, Nova
Pyro: Mystic Fire Backup: T3x4s Styl3, Veach, Emiel!

Demo: Ubie Backup: KatenGaas
Heavy: Emiel! Backup: T3x4s Styl3, Sathan
Engie: Suicidal Squirrel Backup: T3x4s Styl3, Frozen Cookie, Veach

Medic: BadNameCreator Backup: T3x4s Styl3, KatenGaas, Nova
Sniper: -dice Backup: Sathan
Spy: [☁]Emiel Backup: -slice, KatenGaas, Veach, Nova

Backups: T3x4s Styl3, KatenGaas, -slice, Frozen Cookie, Veach, Nova, Sathan

Link etf2l team:
Link UGC team:
Mumble server: 10022


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Player History

Action Player By Date
Left [☁]Emiel [☁]Emiel
Left Suicidal Squirrel [☁]Emiel
Left Mystic Fire [☁]Emiel
Left KatenGaas [☁]Emiel
Left IAmLinkAmA [☁]Emiel
Left Green_Joke33 [☁]Emiel
Left Frozen Cookie [☁]Emiel
Left eyymiel [☁]Emiel
Left -slice [☁]Emiel
Left -ImDo- Das Ubermensc [☁]Emiel
Left Nova_Malstrom Nova_Malstrom
Left veach veach
Left BadNameCreator BadNameCreator
Joined veach [☁]Emiel
Joined Nova_Malstrom [☁]Emiel
Joined IAmLinkAmA [☁]Emiel
Joined -slice [☁]Emiel
Joined eyymiel [☁]Emiel
Joined Suicidal Squirrel [☁]Emiel
Joined -ImDo- Das Ubermensc [☁]Emiel
Joined KatenGaas [☁]Emiel
Joined Green_Joke33 [☁]Emiel
Joined Frozen Cookie [☁]Emiel
Joined BadNameCreator [☁]Emiel
Joined Mystic Fire [☁]Emiel
Joined [☁]Emiel [☁]Emiel