I Freaking Love Haggis

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Hi, none of us are below the poverty line apart from last tear. fucking Scottish noob.

A bit about the Fragots.

Kalomo is a amazing Czech guy who sounds stoned as hell. He was so stoned that he let me play Scout at a Div 4 level for half a season.

Rdios is the crazy, war loving German that I love. Like most Germans, He will always find a way to prove he is better than you:
"Hey look I have 3 dominations!"
"Agh, Vell I 'ave vive"
NEWS JUST IN: This guy is Turkish wtf?!

Ninte is not Russian. He also loves hentai porno tentacle rape and, the only reason why his TF2 is so slow is that he is downloading Hentai.

Cappz is a Div 7 scrub. That's about it. ^Focus fire to that target for free frargs so mummy is proud.

Knife Crime is a tubby scouser who has diabeetus and taught me how to play LoL. He is also a self proclaimed FTM-er, which translated from Scouse to English is: "I decline to partake in the lawset provided by the state, Good day sir." The use of FTM is often followed up by him doing weed signs. This is commonplace in Merseyside. _\I/_ FUCK THE MATRIX _\|/_

Yetin "The Lobby Hero" Cretin is an old man who hunts down little boys on the internet and wants to play "games of TF2 with them" He also is a retired bouncer for nightclubs.

SmaSh is currently holding me at gunpoint. That is the only reason why I am giving him Sniper. He is also amazing and I love him so much.(please don't kill me)

KaaKes is French but he is one of the rare "Good at Shooting Games French" that occupy 0.0001% of France. His catchphrase is: "Le drapeau blanc s'il vous plait."

Not much is know about Chimera. "It" is Dutch but that's about all. Not even sure of his (or her) gender.

Lordy is my Russian PINGAS who is always drunk off PINGAS. He is beast at 100 PINGAS and his PINGAS around the map special ability really comes in PINGAS.

Dotfloat is Scandinavian and that is why we keep him. Scandinavian = good at games. True story

And me. I'm a wee Scottish guy who eats Haggis and has seen Braveheart close to 70 times.Oh did I mention i fucking love toyotas and alex sammond? SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE 2014 _\|/_

Current Roster:-
-Scout= Kalomo
-Soldier= Rdios (<33333333333333)
-Pyro= Ninte
-Demo= Cappz
-Heavy= Knife (the tubby) Crime
-Engineer= Last Tear
-Medic= Dotfloat
-Carry Spy=KaaKas


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Highlander Season 2 [Archives]
Week 5 (Division 5G) I Freaking Love Haggis Tunnel Vision Default Win
Week 2 (Division 5G) Covenant of the Ark I Freaking Love Haggis Default Win
Week 3 (Division 5G) I Freaking Love Haggis Little Bastard Clan 0 - 6
Week 1 (Division 5G) I Freaking Love Haggis Unknown Default Win
Highlander Ladder [Archives]
AssassinsOfFortress I Freaking Love Haggis Default Win


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Haggis Mc Irn Bru I freaking love Haggis.

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