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We're a long standing HL team with over 6 seasons of experience on ETF2L, and we're looking for a multi-class sub to round our team.

We're currently seeking an all round, combo sub player, who can play heavy, demo and pyro (and engi as a bonus!). Qualities we seek are:

– Have some highlander experience, preferably a season of low
– Lighthearted, chill nature, and a positive attitude (to fit with the team)
– Ability to communicate and listen clearly in English
– Flexible availability, usually at 20 or 21 CE(S)T (In 90% of cases you will be asked at least 24hr prior to scrims)
– Optional ability to maincall (Would be a big bonus!)

What we can provide:

– A chilled out, non-toxic gaming environment
– Out-of-scrim playing (like pubs, MvM and other events such as dodgeball tournament etc)
– Serveme premium, multiple members
– At least 1 game a week is very, very likely, with scrims happening usually between Tuesday and Friday. (We don't often play weekends)

Please contact Bear#1312 on Discord for any queries and trials

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  1. Aelkyr: mkk - AoD said:

    nice people !

  2. Laggy Lanny: VoI said:

    Skillful bunch and always pleasure to play against

  3. wlg: Vine - DOGE said:


  4. TemmTemm: TYLOW - THC said:

    I love these people! Handsome at all time. They have potential and keep getting better by just beeing one unit for a long time. Definitely a good team to sub in (good for longtime subs)