DemomanMedicScout  High/Mid Skill, 6on6

France loopster

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demo/med high main or back up i don t care
scout/soldier mid i m shit

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Jamien [Highlander] marcel
Joined Booyaka [6on6] Kaylus
Left MONSOON [6on6] loopster
Joined MONSOON [6on6] Boulon_
Left MONSOON [6on6] loopster
Joined MONSOON [6on6] Boulon_
Left Les Maitres du BAIT ! [6on6] loopster
Joined Les Maitres du BAIT ! [6on6] MR.KEL
Left teo tar over [6on6] loopster
Joined teo tar over [6on6] caiz
Left Jael eSport [6on6] loopster
Joined Jael eSport [6on6] marcel
Left Booyaka [6on6] loopster
Joined Booyaka [6on6] Tolsate
Left Sullen [Fun Team] loopster
Left rip playoff dream i cry every night :( [6on6] loopster
Joined rip playoff dream i cry every night :( [6on6] scar
Left MONSOON [6on6] loopster
Joined MONSOON [6on6] Boulon_
Left Le Classic Daul [6on6] loopster
Joined Sullen [Fun Team] Kaylus
Joined Le Classic Daul [6on6] loopster
Left Loop [1on1] loopster
Left Le village cache des Charpentiers [Highlander] loopster
Left UBIQUITY eSport [6on6] Salva
Joined UBIQUITY eSport [6on6] Salva
Left MONSOON [6on6] loopster
Joined Le village cache des Charpentiers [Highlander] CRIKI..
Joined MONSOON [6on6] Boulon_
Left for games on DESURA [Highlander] loopster
Left Salty Frogs [6on6] loopster
Joined Salty Frogs [6on6] Corbac
Left BackGet Foolery [6on6] loopster
Joined for games on DESURA [Highlander] Zikto
Left Go Vaisselle GaminG [Highlander] loopster
Joined BackGet Foolery [6on6] Soupah
Left Pedraw Multigaming [6on6] loopster
Joined Pedraw Multigaming [6on6] Mamba
Left Booyaka [6on6] loopster
Joined Loop [1on1] loopster
Joined Go Vaisselle GaminG [Highlander] loopster
Left Team Najim [Highlander] loopster
Joined Booyaka [6on6] Tolsate
Left Identity Theft [6on6] loopster
Joined Team Najim [Highlander] Xabi
Left Almighty [Highlander] loopster
Joined Identity Theft [6on6] Snoo
Left Booyaka [6on6] loopster
Joined Almighty [Highlander] loopster
Joined Booyaka [6on6] loopster

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  1. cribbe said:

    i love you loop
    best scout #1

  2. loopster: BYA - Jamz said:

    ahaha. not really true but i love u too

  3. scar: sop - Jamz said:

    +rep fast and good trader , pick him up

  4. slesh said:

    dat way

  5. deli69: веазтмоде - Jamz said:


  6. Ardacos: apt - Jamz said:

    decent demo with perfect positioning

  7. Noxxy: - TF2Co said:

    Kind player, with a massive competitive experience

  8. loopster: BYA - Jamz said:

    je vais te chier dans la gorge Ardacaca

  9. Cuby: apt - Jamz said:


  10. loopster: BYA - Jamz said:

    up de mes glainches

  11. loopster: BYA - Jamz said:


  12. Ama: ORA - Jamz said:


  13. GODMODE said:

    très très gros gamer

  14. Olgha: GODRAF - Jamz said:

    really cool dude, has to be calm down sometimes though (when he overextends and says “MAIS WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT). But perfect player if you want a fun and chill team to get decent results in div2/div1

  15. scar: sop - Jamz said:

    epic style demoman gamer, can pipe like no one does