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England Bat

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Hey guys, Bat™ here.
I am looking for a Div 3/4 Spy spot in a European Highlander team.
I have played in UGC Iron, UGC Steel and UGC Silver/ETF2l Div 4, unfortunately the Silver/Div 4 team disbanded, thus I am looking for a team with the same or higher skill level.
I speak English, and mumble is my preferred option. I make all calls necessary as Spy, like Medic's Uber Percentage, low health classes, etc…
I am 14.
I am looking for experienced teams, with plenty of HL knowledge.

Add me on Steam if you are interested,

Thanks for reading!

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  1. sintyre: Ѧ said:

    solid div4

  2. TF2Alan said:


  3. Higs: $$ said:

    Can play videogames, is nice guy, friendly + good spy. Recommended for sure.

  4. Duwahkeen said:

    He’s actually a good Spy, can easily do div4, div3 if he finds the right team.
    Good luck!

  5. Suspicious Scout said:

    He lives in the same town as me so that’s alright I guess

  6. Skudder said:

    He is bad.

  7. Max: Fusion said:

    Says the guy playing in oreoes.




  8. Bat: officer - TC said:


  9. Bat: officer - TC said: