Sniper  Div 4/Div 5 Skill, Highlander

England Maxi

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Looking to main sniper in div 4/ silver/ possibly high steel in both UGC & ETF2L (Wireplay as well if you fancy doing that or other tournaments or that nature)

Recently played for Team IKEA, but team is folding at the end of UGC S11. Played in:
ETF2L: Highlander Challege, S4 HL, Div6D
UGC HL: S10, Won NA Steel Blue, Switched to Euro Steel for final week
WP: S11 HL, Div 3 – incomplete
UGC HL: S11, Silver – incomplete

Can play every weekday & sunday from 7:30pm onwards CEST.
350+ hours of sniper (Have more hours but have reset stats)
Usually chilling on mumble/TS

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Left Tracksuit Boys [6on6] Maxi
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Joined Budget Toucans [Highlander] Chef Excellence
Joined Ringo [6on6] bum
Left Cockwombles Of Wimbledon Common [6on6] Maxi
Joined Cockwombles Of Wimbledon Common [6on6] thpathm
Left Tracksuit Boys [6on6] Maxi
Left c u nice try [Highlander] Maxi
Joined Tracksuit Boys [6on6] Pete_
Left Adam Harrison fan club [6on6] Maxi
Joined Adam Harrison fan club [6on6] Miju
Left Bantermory sponsored by Sony DADC [6on6] Maxi
Joined Bantermory sponsored by Sony DADC [6on6] Zafus
Left lucker dogs [6on6] Maxi
Joined c u nice try [Highlander] Joseph__
Left Budget Toucans [Highlander] Maxi
Joined lucker dogs [6on6] Drezzo
Left Bantermory sponsored by Sony DADC [6on6] Maxi
Joined Bantermory sponsored by Sony DADC [6on6] MoistPenguin
Left Eurosceptic Memes for Patriotic Teens [6on6] Maxi
Joined Budget Toucans [Highlander] proky
Left Danger Gummi Bears [Highlander] Maxi
Joined Eurosceptic Memes for Patriotic Teens [6on6] Josh
Left Bantermory sponsored by Sony DADC [6on6] Maxi
Joined Bantermory sponsored by Sony DADC [6on6] kKaltUu
Left WAKALIWOOD [6on6] Maxi
Joined WAKALIWOOD [6on6] Maxi
Left The Dumping Ground [Fun Team] Maxi
Left such a cool wasp [6on6] pablo
Joined Danger Gummi Bears [Highlander] .kr4tos
Joined such a cool wasp [6on6] pablo
Left Well 'ard Lads [6on6] adysky
Joined Well 'ard Lads [6on6] adysky
Left Team Solocap [6on6] Maxi
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Left Bantermory sponsored by Sony DADC [6on6] Maxi
Left North Korea [National Highlander Team] Maxi
Joined Bantermory sponsored by SIEE [LAN Team] Maxi
Left GOALstar [Highlander] JackyLegs
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Left Spotted Dick [Fun Team] Maxi
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Left Cool Cats: Black Bellends [6on6] Maxi
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Joined Team IKEA [Highlander] Maxi
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  1. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    A little shitter

    Nah nice guy, good sniper. Gl Maxi <3

  2. Zafus: ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° said:

    A pretty nice guy, been playing with him in Wireplay and UGC this season, and in other games such as L4D2 and BF3, usually quite available to play other games and TF2, even mixing 6s when he doesn’t like it because some people from the team are playing.

    He manages to keep his cool when the rest of the team is down or frustrated; never seems to get angry or annoyed.
    Pretty skilful from what I”ve seen, never had a 1v1 situation though.

    It’s a shame that our team (IKEA) is folding as I’ll miss playing with him (and the others of the team) but I hope that we’ll still get together and play the other games mentioned.

  3. Shadowfire251 said:

    Great guy, always keeps his cool, from what I’ve seen has got good snipes, good sense of humour and a nice guy to hang out in mumble with, shame to no longer playing with him

  4. Leagle_: + - ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡9 said:

    Great player, calm guy, great snipes.
    Definitely recommended.

  5. Maxi: blunt - doge said:


  6. Maxi: blunt - doge said: