Season 4

Division 6e

Week 7

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by DEBoshir (hypercube)



0 - 7

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0 - 8

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International HellJumpers vs Russia hypercube
0 - 6

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hypercube (6) DEBoshir, Ebalduck, subba, Valdemar, catman, Shade
HellJumpers (6) Medic1de, Genoc1de, Smaaj, MTT, Udderman, Stumpee


  1. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    Gents, we aren’t gonna be able to play until sunday of this week.

  2. DEBoshir: hc said:

    very very nice :(

  3. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    Sorry, but of our 8 man team, 5 have computing assignments to do – for hand in on friday. (myself incuded) and thus, cant play until the weekend.

  4. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    Actually, scratch that – you are our final game this season – so basically, would it be possible to do our game the week after – as in, week 8?

    SWorry to mess you about, but team xpl had to pospone their game with us by a week, and its knocked everything out of order.

  5. DEBoshir: hc said:

    Please, write here the better for your days and times. Also we have our 8 week, next week and the ESL-league at the beginning – so it will be great if you post your time as soon as possible.


  6. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    right. This week, the only match day is sunday – and XPL have that booked.
    The week after that (week 8) we can play tuesday / thursday / sunday.

    OF those 3, we would prefer thursday.

  7. DEBoshir: hc said:

    We can’t play on tuesday, so we pick thursday(5.03). Does befit you 2000 CET?

  8. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    21:00 CET would be preferred

  9. DEBoshir: hc said:

    ok, if you have not changed, i schedule match on thursday(5.03) at 2100 CET

  10. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    Sounds good.

  11. DEBoshir: hc said:

    what do you think about play on our german server? check your ping: pw 1000

  12. DEBoshir: hc said:

    gg guys

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