Season 4

Division 6e

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Krissz (Rogues in TF2 )



0 - 7

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0 - 8

[Screenshots: A ]

International HellJumpers vs Hungary Rogues in TF2
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A


Rogues in TF2 (1) GigiLaTrottola


  1. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    Aight. We do ladder games on tuesday / thursdays. 8:00 Gmt (9:00 CET) would be nice.

  2. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    forget the email thing. Enjoy :D

  3. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    Sorry, just been told that we cant do the thursday. So is tuesday ok for you guys ?

  4. Backstabber: Rogues said:

    Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

  5. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    we cant really do friday or saterday. Sunday, maybe. Ill check with my team.

  6. Backstabber: Rogues said:

    So? Sunday 20:00 CET?

  7. Krissz: KK said:

    Yes Sunday.

  8. Backstabber: Rogues said:

    and 2nd map in second map pool is cp_labor?

  9. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    2nd map in second map pool is cp_labor?

    Maps are set already? x2 Granary. Thats what we are playing.

    and sunday will have to do. 20:00cet, your server or ours?

  10. Krissz: KK said:

    If we pick the same map we have to pick an other from the 2nd map list.So Backstabber said cp_labor and if you agree with him the second map going to be cp_labor.

    We think we’ll check the ping on both servers and we’ll play on the better one.

  11. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    oh sorry. dont remember readint aht bit. ah well. Labor is fine. We are happy to host if you are.

  12. Medic1de: HJ| said:

    are happy to play there *

  13. Janooo182: Rogues said:


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