Season 4

Division 6a

Week 9

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by RaZer. (EYES ON U)



3 - 3

[Screenshots: A B ]



4 - 1

[Screenshots: A B ]

Spain Presence vs European EYES ON U
4 - 1

SteamID Screenshots: A B C D


Presence (9) qD, LaiP, Nero_1, CHiNaZo, siewka, Goly, RoL3, Elessar, dEso
EYES ON U (7) RaZer., Quantum, LooGiii, Min:Dfreak, ChaoZ, andy, Zay
Unrostered (6) ZoolWay, nova, zuflucht, Boemel, Manji, Melkor


  1. RaZer.: Venom. - C.S.L said:

    Hi! When do u want to play? We prefer the 5th March ! Maybe 20:30….

  2. RaZer.: Venom. - C.S.L said:

    Presence. LaiP^: yea
    Presence. LaiP^: whats up mate?
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: want to talk with you abouit our match ;)
    Presence. LaiP^: yea sure
    Presence. LaiP^: what day then?
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: so we talked alot and we want to play at 29 march at 21 cet ?
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: it is a sunday
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: and it is at 21 cet as you wished ;)
    Presence. LaiP^: and why not 22?
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: 3 of us and me have an important exam next day :/
    Presence. LaiP^: and this wednesday?
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: 2 of us are missing :S
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: in holidays ^^
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: so is 29 march okay for you ?
    Presence. LaiP^: well..
    Presence. LaiP^: ok
    Presence. LaiP^: at 21cet
    Presence. LaiP^: well
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: kk
    Presence. LaiP^: could it be 21.30?
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: okay
    Presence. LaiP^: thx mate
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: 29 march at 21 :30 cet
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: k?^^
    Presence. LaiP^: ok
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: kk :)

  3. GrandMaster said:

    gl :)

  4. RaZer.: Venom. - C.S.L said: TF2 Warserver by

    Password will be sent before the match!

  5. LaiP: \'s fault said: this our server (it’s from UK) Our server is neutral so We prefer to play in our.

  6. Elessar: \'s fault said:

    gg its was fun to play, sad about granary :(.
    Gl in futher divisions guys.

  7. RaZer.: Venom. - C.S.L said:

    gg realy nice game! both on second place ;)

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