Season 4

Division 6a

Week 6

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff

Default Win

Turkey Epidemic Team Fortress 2 vs European EYES ON U
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A


EYES ON U (6) RaZer., Quantum, LooGiii, Min:Dfreak, ChaoZ, Zay



  1. RaZer.: Venom. - C.S.L said:

    Hey guys what about the 24th February 20:30 CET ?

  2. MinDfreak said:

    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: hi
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: hi
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: when do you wanna play our etf2l match ?
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: when are you gonna bi free ?
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: tuesday and thursday
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: than next thursday
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: tuesday *
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: AT “= .§= CET ß
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: at 20:30 cet ?
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: ok
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: kk ;)

  3. Quantum: vR said:

    This is not an official request for an reschedule.

    I just get the point on this day there will be the ScoutUpdate…
    So we maybe should rethink that day ? Mindfreak what do you think as wararranger ?


  4. Netsky: [HA] said:

    warning to: Turkey Epidemic Team Fortress 2, because of changing the match date, without enemies approval

    you got till Friday 23:59 CET to reschedule the game, otherwise I’ll set a def date.

  5. MinDfreak said:

    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: hi
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: hi mate
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: what are you doing ? you changed date without our agreement
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: it isnt allowed
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: yes, sorry mate you can change it whenever you want because today there was a match in uefa in turkey most of the team isn’t online
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: lol
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: :p
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: you got a warning btw
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: team or me ? :D
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: team;)
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: ok
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: have u got default win ?
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: no we have to make a date until tomorrow
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: so can we play at sunday 18 cet ?
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: ok sunday seems ok for us i guess, can i return to you tomorrow ?
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: no now pls
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: ok than :P
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: so sunday at 18 cet ?
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: yes, but if there is one ofline or 2 can we delay it 1 hour later ?
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: n9o there we have a highlander match
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: oki
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: so 18 cet is okay for you ?
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Havarian: ok

  6. RaZer.: Venom. - C.S.L said:

    Hey Server IP :;password pcw

  7. RaZer.: Venom. - C.S.L said:

    Sonntag, 1. März 2009

    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Munjin: hi
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Munjin: sorry for the misunderstanding
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Munjin: i believe we have a scheduled match right?
    dA-Gaming | RaZer: y
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Munjin: is it 6v6 or 7v7?
    dA-Gaming | RaZer: but now its late sry
    dA-Gaming | RaZer: 6on6
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Munjin: ok it doesnt matter because there are only 5 members of the team
    dA-Gaming | RaZer: ok sry but seems to be a def win than….
    dA-Gaming | RaZer: gl in the future
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Munjin: ok
    Ξpidemic.TF2 | Munjin hat Chatroom verlassen.

  8. RaZer.: Venom. - C.S.L said:

    Sry I had problems with adding the Sceen so i will post it here:

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