Season 4

Division 6a

Week 5

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by RaZer. (EYES ON U)



0 - 9

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2 - 6

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International Urban TerroristZ vs European EYES ON U
0 - 6


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Unregistered (12) UTZ|0zi0n, UTZ|Bungholio, dA-Gaming | RaZer, dA-Gaming | Quantum, dA-Gaming | LooGiii # hY :>, dA-Gaming | MinDfreak, UTZ|Fed-Up, dA-Gaming | andy, UTZ|Valkyrja, UTZ|Darkchylde, UTZ|Nightfire, dA-Gaming | [email protected] Training


  1. UTZ|Valkyrja: UTZ| said:

    Hi guys,

    I would like to schedule this as soon as possible. We’re a multigame clan so our days are quickly filled! I have Tuesday and Thursday available during week 5, so February 10th or 12th. I hope either of these days work for you! Due to work, we will not be able to play before 20h30CET.

    Please let me know if either of these days could suit your schedule, thanks!

  2. RaZer.: Venom. - C.S.L said:

    Hi fellas,
    Tuesday and Thursday is ok, but a week later would be fine. 20:30 CET is the best time so that wont be a problem

  3. UTZ|Valkyrja: UTZ| said:

    Hello again,

    That’s great RaZer.
    The 10th has become unavailable in the meantime, but Thursday the 12, Tuesday the 17th and Thursday the 19th are all still available at 20h30CET and we’d be happy to play on any of these days. Could you be so kind to choose a day and let us know? Thanks!

  4. UTZ|Valkyrja: UTZ| said:

    I’ve not heard from you yet, so unfortunately our availability has changed again. Due to being multigaming we’ve recently made some changes to our TF2 days. These days are now Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday (for both games, so not always an option).

    This will change the week after next, so we still have Thursday the 12th open.
    Or after that, Tuesday the 17th and Wednesday the 18th. Sunday the 15th is NOT available.
    We are available from 20h30CET onwards, prefer not to start after 21h30CET.

    Please get back to me soon!

  5. RaZer.: Venom. - C.S.L said:

    22:55 – dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: UTZ|Taranis: ok but what date and time is good for you?
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: and maybe tueday the 17 th or 19 th thursday at 20:30 cet
    UTZ|Taranis: well pick one and we can call it a date :)
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: so you will tell me the date ?
    UTZ|Taranis: 17 feb 20:30 ?
    dA-Gaming | MinDfreak: fine

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