Season 4

Division 5f

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by The8thMusketeer (Fragmative )

Default Win

European Fragmative vs CzechRepublic Cavaliers BLUE
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A B C


Fragmative (6) Atty, The8thMusketeer, Myth, Orbba, Hohen, Nortan
Cavaliers BLUE (6) veehell, A.J.Rimmer, HypyK, chozze, 4love, BobbyBoban


  1. A.J.Rimmer: -cavalier- said:

    hi fellas,
    we prefer mon, tue & wed. Sun is also possible.

    Let us know when it suits u.

  2. A.J.Rimmer: -cavalier- said:

    helloo :))

  3. Myth said:

    Why are you in such a rush?
    Wanna be owned so badly ?jk :P
    After our first match we will schedule the match with you…

  4. veehell: -cavalier- said:

    It’s not matter of rush, more like, we are playing ESL, as well some of our guys are in some other ladders, so we really want to schedule matches as soon as possible. Keeping our internal calendar clear.

    And for sure, we are ready to lose on any map :)

  5. A.J.Rimmer: -cavalier- said:

    yeah yeah own me pls pls :D

  6. The8thMusketeer: fm said:

    Hi guys can we play on 22.01 20:00 CET ?
    If you can’t we can do it on 27.01 20:00 CET.

  7. A.J.Rimmer: -cavalier- said:

    Hey man,

    so sorry for no reply. I got a massive flu attack. LOL! Anyway, we would be able to play on 22.1.

    27.1. sounds cool for us. I think it’s settled then.

  8. A.J.Rimmer: -cavalier- said:

    btw would it be possilbe to start at 20:30?


  9. susex said:

    Sure, lets go at 20:30 CET.

  10. veehell: -cavalier- said:

    Oki so, tomorrow :)

    contact me or AJR on steam, if you would like to test our server or/and vice versa.

  11. A.J.Rimmer: -cavalier- said:


  12. Myth said:


  13. susex said:

    gg guys

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