Note to all PASS Time Cup Participants: All Mercs have to be approved by your opponent. There are NO Default Mercs in the cup. You are allowed 1 Merc per game. Usual Merc rules apply.

There is also a known issue with the whitelist not working after changing the map, please use rcon tftrue_whitelist_id 14555

Season 4

Division 6b

Week 9

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by jason (Phoenix Squad)



0 - 6

[Screenshots: A B ]



2 - 4

[Screenshots: A B ]

European Phoenix Squad vs Germany Explicit-Content!
0 - 6


SteamID Screenshots: A B C


Phoenix Squad (6) jason, Rage, Randdalf, CrancK, saint_carrot, Classy
Explicit-Content! (6) Keen, Dega, NEA, MoRpHKoPf, Boris, CeeZero


  1. jason: PHX said:

    Hey guys,

    Before we get handed a default date how does Friday 20th @ 21:30 CET sound to you?

    Check our server for ping:

  2. Neaera: EC! said:

    Hey Phoenix,

    Friday seems to be a bad day for us. We could play on wednesday (start betwenn 20.00 & 21.00 CET) and on thursday withe the same starting times.

    If thats wont fit ofrr you we could offer staurday maybe, but Wedenday or thirsday would be great.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    PS: You also can contact me in the Div6b steamgroup, like i tried to get in contact with you ;)

    Greetz Nea

  3. jason: PHX said:

    Hey Nea,
    Wednesday we have a UKeSA match.

    Saturday would suit us great – 21:00 CET would be perfect for us.
    We could probably do Thursday if necessary 21:00 CET earliest (21:30 would be better).

    Sorry about not being available on steam – my work frowns on Steam ;)


  4. Neaera: EC! said:

    Badlands was 5:0 for EC! not 6:0. Cant verify the result ;)

    Greetz nea

  5. jason: PHX said:

    It felt like 6 – sorry ’bout that – admins any chance you can change it?


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