Season 4

Division 5f

Week 9

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by The8thMusketeer (Fragmative )

Default Win

European Fragmative vs International Voices Of Independence
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A B C


Fragmative (8) Agent 0, The8thMusketeer, Myth, Orbba, Hohen, maloi, Stew, Nortan
Voices Of Independence (4) Bennett, Anathema, Black^, Pissmidget
Unrostered (9) Ino, Th, onk3l, Bun, dp.popmachine, Supermade, Chino Moreno, bennY, Tricky


  1. The8thMusketeer: fm said:

    Hi guys can you tell us when you are free to play the match.

  2. The8thMusketeer: fm said:


  3. Hohenheim: ? - [MC] said:

    I’ve tried to add your leader and war arranger to friend list but you haven’t accepted me..

  4. Myth said:

    default date cool
    very responsible guys…

  5. Pissmidget said:

    I am told by some friends that there is such a thing as ‘Real life’ which can occasionally keep people away from the internet for more than 48 hours, it looks like I had an attack of this ‘real life’ which prevented me from immediatly accepting the friend-request or from replying here. For this I can only apologise and will ensure that arranging matches takes priority from any srs bsns in this ‘real life’ in future – that’s very responsible, isn’t it? Anyway, this Sunday at 19:00 GMT would be a good date for us, is that okay with you?

  6. Black^ said:

    We still have time till Tuesday evening so be cool.

  7. Myth said:

    all of u had ‘real life’ issues?
    okay i understand and i apologize for the inconvenience

  8. Pissmidget said:


  9. Myth said:


  10. Pissmidget said:

    fun games guys, we had a lot of fun :) gg

  11. Orbbaz said:


  12. Myth said:

    lol few weeks ago i added theese screens by misstake and i contacted the admins so they wasnt supposed to be here again lol

  13. Desann: Royal` - Argo said:

    GG FragMative! :]

  14. BooT: ARGO - Argo said:


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