The Highlander Autumn Season 2023 Roster Locks are now active!

ETF2L 4th Cup

Round 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Forte (The MIPC Second Edition)



0 - 2

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0 - 9

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International Voices Of Independence vs Finland The MIPC Second Edition
0 - 2


  1. Sgarna: [MIPC] - [MIPC] said:


    Do you have any date suggestions for this match ?

  2. Myke. said:

    Not this Sunday, since we are playing Highlander at that date.
    We prefer playing @

    Tuesday starting @ 19-20:30CET
    Sunday starting @ 19-20:30CET

    mfg Myke

  3. Sgarna: [MIPC] - [MIPC] said:

    I added Tuesday 18th 19.00cet to the calender. Please contact me @ #mipc if you have any problems with the time.

  4. Myke. said:

    Hey guys, I’m sorry for the late response, i was quite busy the last days (got a new job), so i was going to ask you if it’s ok if we postpone this match to another date? Maybe next Tuesday same time?

    you would do me a great favour!
    thx in advance!

  5. Sgarna: [MIPC] - [MIPC] said:


    Next Tuesday should be fine. We can also play on upcoming Sunday around 19-20cet.

  6. Myke. said:

    Thanks guys =) !!!
    We’d prefer Tuesday though!

  7. Sgarna: [MIPC] - [MIPC] said:

    Ok.. You can add the new date ?

  8. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    Status of this match?

  9. Myke. said:

    postponed to: Tuesday 25th 20:00CET

  10. Forte said:

    Due to the fabulous amount of restartround command in Gravelpit to get the correct setup, the screenshot shows 0-0 (and inverse team names) for the score. But the MIPC won both rounds, 2-0.

  11. eoN said:

    Tbh switch sides didnt make much of a difference, and you could of siad and i would of used mp_scrambleteams 1… But you just changed in the middle so i didnt get a chance…

    Tbh we agree with the score so who cares ;)

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