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Season 3

Division 2b


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1 - 5

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2 - 4

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Germany $myT1nk vs Russia LOL Team remix
0 - 6


  1. Stavo: $myT1nk said:

    sunday 9.11.2008 @ 21:30 cet or 10.11.2008 20cet ? maybe

  2. Stavo: $myT1nk said:

    any response ?

  3. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    emm.. huh Oo .. well we have free of offies date today, but can`t promise that i`ll get full lineup. lets try?

    20cet is the time we can play. or earlier – 19cet.

    on the other side – we can (still) play on wed/thu (12/13) or next week (its fully free atm)

  4. Stavo: $myT1nk said:

    wed @ 21:30 ? maybe we got ESL @ 20cet ! thursday @ 20cet is good for us ! u can put in the calendar

  5. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    match was rescheduled to the next tuesday. by agreement

  6. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    wp [email protected] & gg

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