Highlander Cup

Round 1

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by jaks (Robert Highlander Syndikat)



1 - 0

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1 - 0

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European BLITZ vs Austria Robert Highlander Syndikat
2 - 0


  1. jax0r: rhs - RHS said:

    just added darkowl to my steamfriends after realizing you guys don’t use irc.

    i would like to suggest the following date: wed, october 29th – 20CET or 21CET.

    let me know if that’s possible for you – cya jax0r

  2. BLITZ Darkowl said:

    I’m aware that this is very late notice, but could we push the time back to 22CET? The majority of our members are UK based with a couple of exceptions, and due to personal circumstances some of our players cannot reliably make the agreed 21CET time.

  3. jax0r: rhs - RHS said:

    match will be rescheduled for tuesday or friday. exact date will be added to the calendar today.

  4. jax0r: rhs - RHS said:

    just arranged with Darkowl that we’ll play the match tuesday (4.11.) at 21cet.

    we’re looking forward to the match. cya dudes tuesday.

  5. jax0r: rhs - RHS said:

    gg dudes.
    gl with the next matches.

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