Season 3

Division 4e

Week 9

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Beast (Immortals)



10 - 0

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6 - 3

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Russia Immortals vs France PBP Poney
6 - 0


  • PBP Poney [Minor] Missing the last three digits of your Steam-Id.


  1. Hydro-Dharma said:

    Hello, Is it ok for U to play our war wednesday 22/10 @ 21:00 CET ??

  2. lala said:

    guys, let’s decide this closer to the gamedays, please

  3. Hydro-Dharma said:

    Our opponents of Week 7 & 8 are drop (GOT & IG) . So if U want , we are ok to play our match one or two weeks earlier. It tempts you???

  4. Hydro-Dharma said:

    Hello??? no answers, since last week, to our proposal ???

  5. Beast said:

    Sorry… But this week we cannot play…

  6. Hydro-Dharma said:

    ok np for this week. And Week 8 ? It tempts U to play that week ? :)

  7. Beast said:

    Yes we will play most likely on the 8 week…

  8. Hydro-Dharma said:

    This is it. We are in week 8 ^^.
    We know U will play against our Friend MM2 tonight, so how do u think if we play our match wednesday 15 or thursday 16 @ 21:00 CET ?

    Hope one of those two dates tempts U for the match, cos these are the only free days we have this week to play with U ;)

  9. Hydro-Dharma said:

    Hello, now it still only Thursday 16 (@21:00) to play our match, or we will play at Week 9 like it’s to be schedule.

  10. Hydro-Dharma said:

    Hello??? no answers, since my last post. We are in week 9. It’s still some free date to play our match.
    Thursday 23/10
    Friday 24/10
    Tuesday 28/10
    Wednesday 29/10

    All theses days, playable @ 21:00 CET

    We wait your answer ;)

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